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Monin Green Apple   , 70cl

There is nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a fresh green apple and whilst you don’t get that exact sensation from monin green apple liqueur, you get the same depth of flavour and biting freshness. strong with the flavour of granny smith apples and the fresh bitterness of the skin, monin green apple liqueur is wonderful when popped in lemonade, sparkling wine or anything with a bit of fizz.

Monin Green Melon, 70cl

Exotic and classically used in a range of cocktails monin green melon liqueur is refreshing and tangy on the tongue. its aroma is rich in ripe green melons and the flavour is smoother, round and tastes sweet and fresh. there is a tartness that is both enjoyable and adds another dimension to the flavour of the drink and ensures the sweetness isn’t overwhelming. add an exotic touch to your favourite long drink or create your own cocktail!

Monin Lychee, 70cl

The exotic asian lychee is a flavour which compliments many others, both exotic and commonly enjoyed and monin lychee liqueur is a pale pink nectar which offers aromatic warmth. fresh lychee scent comes out strongly as you open the bottle and the flavour is subtly fruity with strong floral overtones and just a hint of acidity. the sweetness of the liqueur makes it a perfect accompaniment for pastry based desserts.

Monin Menthe Green, 70cl

Monin menthe green has clear emerald-tinged hues which adds a cool and sharp peppermint taste to a wide range of cocktails or indeed to enjoy on its own. its aroma is bright and vibrant with fresh peppermint and a sweetness comes through in the flavour, like candied mint alongside the natural, menthol-heavy taste of the peppermint. fresh pine and a hint of black pepper round off the flavour in refined style.

Monin Menthe White, 70cl

The crystal clear hues of monin menthe white liqueur hide a sharp and tantalising flavour which cools the tongue and adds a real kick to any cocktail. its aroma is rich in both tingly spearmint and fresh peppermint and the flavour too has hints of each of these mint flavours, with the coolness coming through underneath. a perfect partner for sweet chocolate desserts or cream-based cocktails, the flavour of monin menthe white is a must for mixologists who want the freshness of mint without the usual green hues.

Monin Mure  , 70cl

Monin mure liqueur takes the natural, forest-fresh flavour of the blackberry. ripe and plump the fresh flavour of the blackberry is rich and velvety and perfectly captured in this sweet liqueur. the sweetness is balanced against the berries natural sourness and there’s even a jammy thickness to the liqueur, making it even more moreish. the concentrated flavour in monin mure liqueur is powerful enough to stand out in cocktails or be enjoyed in a long drink on ice.

Monin Orange Curacao, 70cl

More commonly known in its blue variety, monin orange curacao offers that same vibrant yet bittersweet flavour. golden orange in colour with an aroma which is fragrant and almost festive, with both bitter orange peels and sweet flesh coming through. the flavour is wonderfully gentle, a mild citrus warmth followed by candy sweet orange freshness, with only a hint of fresh orange tang. the bitter note ensures this is recognisably a quality curacao liqueur.

Monin Peche , 70cl

The juicy and aromatic flesh of the peach is perfectly replicated and wonderfully fragrant in this monin peach liqueur. the flavour of peach or peche as the team at monin would say, is rich and floral and in this liqueur you’ll enjoy every last succulent drop. the aroma is fresh and enticing and the flavour is sweet, velvety soft and lingers long after your final sip.

Monin Triple Sec    , 70cl

A classic triple sec which allows you to add the tempting curacao flavour without any of the recognisable blue or orange hues. monin triple sec is the perfect tool for the cocktail maestro who wants to keep those bittersweet orange flavours hidden. this liqueur has an aromatic bitter curacao nose and a flavour which is reach in the same bitterness as well as sugary sweetness which brings out the tang of the curacao oranges.

Monin Vanilla Liqueur, 70cl

Very few flavours are as warm and comforting as vanilla and monin vanilla liqueur allows you to enjoy its velvety smoothness alongside the satisfying burn of neutral alcohol. bright with an aroma of vanilla pod and a taste which is rounded like fresh vanilla beans and vanilla cream, there’s an organic feel to this liqueur, enjoying vanilla in its natural state. it ends on a creamy note which guarantees you’ll go back for more.

Monin Violette Liqueur, 70cl

Violet is a flavour which truly adds another dimension to your favourite drink. monin violet liqueur is a delicate and aromatic creation which offers up the characteristic flavour of violet, alongside a little syrup and caramel. there’s a spring freshness about this liqueur that you might want to add to a wide range of cocktails and drinks including everything from an elegant champagne cocktail to simply with your favourite soft drink/mixer/mixer.

Monin Watermelon, 70cl

A summer day in a glass, monin watermelon liqueur captures the essence of this quintessentially summer fruit and offers up vibrant bursts of juice and a refreshing tang. as soon as you open the bottle you’ll imagine a summer’s day as the fresh aroma of just-cut watermelon escapes and on tasting you’ll enjoy all the juicy freshness of the real thing. add it to your favourite soft drink/mixer or create an extra special summery cocktail.

Mozart Black, 50cl

The darkest of all mozart liqueurs, mozart black offers the strong flavour of deep, dark chocolate. sugar cane spirit and chocolate macerate containing 87% pure cocoa deliver a rich, bitter chocolate flavour which is complimented by notes of real bourbon vanilla from madagascar and caramel. the darkness of the chocolate has a smoky edge and is perfect for those creamier cocktails and dessert drinks. though the darkest of dark chocolates isn’t for everyone, this mozart liqueur certainly gets the most from such an intense flavour.

Mozart Dry, 70cl

An amazing creation, mozart dry chocolate spirit is essentially vodka created from chocolate, a truly special chocolate spirit which is created from the distillation and maceration of raw cacao and vanilla, delivering a flavour which is wonderfully chocolatey and wait for it – sugar free! guiLtr free chocolate liqueur – what could go wrong? we reckon nothing at all as the flavour is sensational and intense, with deep bitter chocolate and lightly milkier notes blending beautifully together.

Mozart Original Gold, 50cl

All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt and Mozart gold chocolate liqueur could be that little bit of chocolate you’ve been lusting after. Silky smooth milk chocolate cream is the driving force behind this sweet liqueur and notes of fresh Madagascan vanilla add depth to its character but it’s a drink that definitely appeals to those with a sweeter tooth. rich and decadent, Mozart gold is a truly sterling liqueur.

Mozart Strawberry, 50cl

Generous strawberry and vanilla in a rich creamy liqueur

Mozart White, 50cl

The softer cousin of deep, mozart dark, mozart white lets the sweet intensity of madagascan vanilla take centre stage. delicious notes of caramel marry with the aromatic vanilla bean and the fresh cream brings out the recognisable flavour of white chocolate. sweeter and mellower than others in the mozart range, this sugary liqueur is wonderful for pouring over desserts and adding a final flourish to a creamy cocktail.

Ouzo 12, 70cl

The world’s first bottled Ouzo, Ouzo 12 offers up the taste of Greece. Crystal clear until you add water when it turns milky-white, Ouzo has the distinct fresh flavour of fennel, liquorice on the nose and subtle spices underneath. On tasting the strength of liquorice is released and the fresh fennel notes come through strongly with a welcome hint of sugar at the end. The long finish is intense with liquorice and it’s a flavour which you won’t’ forget in a hurry.

Pama Pomegranate, 70cl

Pama pomegranate is a deep crimson red liqueur which takes the sweet and distinctive flavour of pomegranate as its core. Made from all natural pomegranates from California, Pama pomegranate is a natural companion to many other drinks including champagne and your finest sparkling wines, its tartness blending beautifully. The true beauty of Pama pomegranate genuinely is how well it mixes, whether that’s with a soft drink/mixer or into a cocktail.

Passoa, 70cl

Passoa is an exotic liqueur which shows off the exuberance and vibrancy of the passion fruit. it’s popular all over the world with puerto rico rating it as its number one liqueur. its aroma is fresh and fragrant, passion fruit comes through but also boiled sweets and zesty grapefruit. on tasting you’ll enjoy a light syrup mouthfeel and passion fruit at the forefront with cooked grapefruit and a little cherry coming through too. truly exotic and wonderful on ice.

Patron XO Café, 35cl

Patron silver tequila is blended with coffee to make a dry liqueur with less sweetness than most other coffee flavoured liqueurs

Pernod, 70cl

Pernod was created to sate the appetite of the french for aniseed. without the inclusion of notorious wormwood pernod could be enjoyed once absinthe was banned and its strong and distinct flavour ensures it’s still enjoyed today. turning cloudy when water is added to improve the taste, pernod is rich with aniseed, rooty liquorice and fennel working in perfectly harmony. the herbal complexity of each drink makes it even more enjoyable and helps temper the intensity of the liquorice.

Pisang Ambon    , 70cl

Pisang ambon is the original banana liqueur and a product the dutch are rightfully proud of. the banana flavour is magnificent and stands out amongst herbal companions and hints of other herbal fruit. striking green in colour and presented in the same way since its creation over 60 years ago, pisang ambon is regularly enjoyed with orange juice or sparkling melon and lime. exotic and uLtrimately versatile, a fruity concoction that’s definitely worth a try.

Pococello Limoncello, 50cl

Pococello is the marriage between the world’s finest lemons from Amalfi Town in Italy, with the UK’s finest single estate spirit from Chase Distillery. Simple and delicious, capturing the pure essence of lemons, with it not being overly sweet. Try as great alternative to a Spritz cocktail, over ice with tonic, or simply ice-cold".

Prucia Plum Liqueur, 70cl

Prucia plum liqueur is a french creation which uses locally produced ume plums, a native of japan. the plums are macerated in grape spirit and then aged in french oak barrels, delivering a flavour which is rich in juicy plum flavours but also almonds and sweet marzipan. a surprisingly sweet yet definitely moreish liqueur which has some similarities to cointreau and amaretto but others which make it unique and distinctive in its own right. enjoy alongside a chinese or japanese meal or alongside any sweet dessert.


A delightfully floral and fresh aperitivo from Ramazzotti. It has seductive notes of hibiscus and orange blossoms alongside hints of basil.

Ricard, 70cl

Ricard pastis is a uniquely produced aperitif which brings together three separate ingredients blended perfectly together with neutral alcohol and caramel to create a rich, intense flavour. liquorice root, green anise and fennel are the three ingredients which deliver the traditional and complex flavours of ricard. there’s a grassy edge to this pastis which helps it stand out from the crowd and it also has a minty citrus freshness which balances against the warm, liquorice tones.

Roots Herb Spirit, 70cl

Peaty richness contrasted with herbal freshness on the nose leads on to layered flavours combining herbal profusion with subtle fruit. it gives a firm and gently bitter mouthfeel, mimicking the sense of a ‘sweet velvet’ texture.

Roots Mastiha, 70cl

Elegant and clean scent shaping an overall softening and refreshing smell; subtle lavender and coconut mouthfeel, with the unique mastic smell being prevalent. soft and sweet feel with a microscopic suspicion of sourness. vigorous mastic aftertaste. 

Roots Rakomelo, 70cl

Naturally sweet, honey, and spirited taste. rakomelo is best consumed warm with the addition of orange and cloves. it has a subtle presence of spices with a very rich and delicate mouthfeel.

Roots Tentura, 70cl

Rich and lush earthy taste with a sweet peppermint and french vanilla feel; a sense of a sweet ‘cigar box’ cedary aftertaste.

Saliza Amaretto, 70cl

A premium amaretto which doesn’t disappoint, saliza amaretto manages to balance a light body with an intense flavour. It’s rich with sweet marzipan and uses refined almond distillate to create its exceptional flavour. The nose is rich with those almonds alongside toffee and zesty orange peel and on the palate it really is the fresh flavour of almonds that sings, with the sweet marzipan rounding the flavour beautifully.

SambuXO Original, 70cl

Aniseed flavoured liqueur. drink this delicious liqueur before or after meals. Serve on its own, with coffee beans or over crushed ice.

Sheridan's, 50cl

Sheridan’s irish cream liqueur is known for its recognisable two tone packaging. the separate black and white decanters contain flavours which blend exceptionally well together and offer up real class and of course, a pleasurable drinking experience. the white liqueur has the creamy vanilla depth of white chocolate whilst the black is rich in warm coffee and whiskey notes. when enjoyed together a nuttiness comes through which helps blend the flavours together and deliver true satisfaction.

Sipsmith Summer Cup, 70cl

If it could speak, sipsmith summer cup would roar like an english lion as it embodies all the features of a classic english summer drink. combining sipsmith’s own london dry gin with a blend of summer-inspired botanicals, sipsmith summer cup is an exceptionally fruity and fragrant drink which can be enjoyed alone or with soft drink/mixer/mixers. infusions of earl grey tea, lemon verbena and cucumber can all be tasted and it’s a drink combination which brings to mind garden parties and summery picnics.

Solerno Blood Orange, 70cl

The flavour of the blood orange is distinctive, rich and different from your regular fruit and solerno deliver the full impact of its flavour in this warm and juicy liqueur. Solerno blood orange liqueur is bursting with the full flavour of the blood orange from its skin to its pulp and it also has bright notes of lemon, orange blossom and even red berries, intensifying the sweet and sour balance. A dry finish means you’re drawn back in for more.

Southern Comfort, 70cl

The deep south is calling you with their signature drink. vibrant, warm and completely epitomising its home town, southern comfort is fine blended spirit which works wonderfully in many cocktails or simply with ice. smoothening out kentucky and tennessee whiskies, the story goes that new orleans bartender martin wilkes heron came up with southern comfort as a smooth aLtrernative. a mardi gras essential its flavour includes welcome notes of cinnamon, smooth vanilla, cherry and natural honey. the combination is a huge hit and a versatile addition to your drinks collection.

Southern Comfort, 1.5ltr

The deep south is calling you with their signature drink. vibrant, warm and completely epitomising its home town, southern comfort is fine blended spirit which works wonderfully in many cocktails or simply with ice. smoothening out kentucky and tennessee whiskies, the story goes that new orleans bartender martin wilkes heron came up with southern comfort as a smooth aLtrernative. a mardi gras essential its flavour includes welcome notes of cinnamon, smooth vanilla, cherry and natural honey. the combination is a huge hit and a versatile addition to your drinks collection.

St-Germain Elderflower, 70cl

The smooth and light flavour of st-germain elderflower liqueur has kept it popular for many years and has guaranteed that it’s known as one of the finest and first elderflower liqueurs out there. its aroma is lightly floral, with elderflower and a little sweetness coming through and then on tasting you’ll enjoy a pungent elderflower hit that mellows and is supported by just the right amount of sweetness. surprisingly flavoursome considering it’s only got one key ingredient – a real triumph.

Taylor’s Velvet Falernum Cordial, 70cl

Velvet falernum is a low alcohol and lightly sweet triple sec style liqueur. produced in barbados the liqueur is flavoured with aromatic clove, almonds and fresh live. the sugar cane based is wonderfully sweet and helps the other flavours blend beautifully – the unique part of this flavour is definitely delivered by the lime and sugar combination which zings and the botanical warmth of the cloves adds a further dimension to the drink.

Tia Maria, 70cl

A drink used to life in jamaican country clubs, tia maria marries sweet cane sugar with intense coffee to create an enticing and tantalising coffee liqueur that has become world renowned. there’s a bitter burnt edge to its flavour which mellows as you drink, with dark chocolate notes marrying sweetly with the intense coffee hit. warm spices and hints at pepper give the drink a deeper intensity and its low abv makes it a wonderful aperitif, perfect for deepening the flavour of your after dinner coffee or simply over ice as an evening treat.

Tosolini Expre Espresso Liqueur, 70cl

From the very highly-regarded italian master distillers tosolini comes this rather fabulous espresso coffee liqueur, made with traditionally-toasted arabica coffee beans. this is superb stuff.

Tsantali Ouzo, 70cl

Even the shape of the bottle harks back to ancient greece, tsantali ouzo is a traditional flavour made in traditional ways using copper pot stills. as you’d expect with a good ouzo tsantali is crystal clear and louches milky white when water is added. on tasting you’ll enjoy a surprising sweetness which pairs with the strong liquorice notes you’d expect and hints of minty freshness too. the liquorice finish on this ouzo is sweeter than average making it a popular choice.

Tuaca, 70cl

Based on a recipe that dates back to the 15th century, tuaca is a brandy-based liqueur which brings together a number of brandies, a secret blend of fruits and spices and just a little sugar to blend it all together in harmony. on the nose is a spicy citrus tang which entices you to drink and when you do you’ll enjoy a surprisingly light and oily mouthfeel, sweet with a little dry spiciness and cinnamon, nutmeg and bitter orange leading the taste profile. it settles into a mellower, sweeter warmth, just the ticket after a filling meal.


First creation within the Botanical Garden Range, made with Lemon Balm, a member of the mint family, also known by its name “Melissa Officinalis”. She produces a herbaceous explosion on the palate that is fresh and distinctive with a citrus and minty finish.

Warninks Advocaat , 70cl

Recognisable from its red and yellow bottle and a christmas favourite, there’s nothing to say you can’t enjoy warninks advocaat throughout the year. just four ingredients deliver the unique and popular flavour: brandy, vanilla, sugar and egg yolks. the flavour is rich like vanilla custard and thick and syrupy in texture, with that bite of brandy providing a warm and satisfying kick. essential for your festive snowball but enjoyable at any time of the year.

Xante Pear Liqueur, 50cl

Xante is an unusual liqueur, the ingredients and even a full description of the flavour of which are kept under wraps by its makers. a truly mysterious liqueur with hints of pear as well as liquorice and intense cognac notes. the ripeness of the pears is apparent from the first sip and this combines beautifully with the fine cognac notes and delivers a flavour which is enjoyably sweet but with that refreshing pear tang present throughout.

XTA Liqueur, 70cl

A modern-day take on a classic Mayan drink, xta (short for 'xtabentun') combines rum, aniseed from yucatan and Mexican honey.

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