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Iseo Triple Sec (House), 70cl

Iseo triple sec offers great flavour and great value in equal measure. made from the distillation of the dried peel of the curacao oranges, it’s produced in italy and has crystal clear hues hiding that truly tangy orange flavour. light on the palate and with a fresh orange blossom aroma, iseo triple sec is refreshing and sweet. sugary sweetness blends beautifully with the citric tang of the orange.

Jack Daniel's Honey, 1.5ltr

With jack daniel’s honey you’ll be praising the bees for the quality of their production, as well as the good folk at jack daniel too. a truly stunning whisky liqueur which takes the essence of jack daniel’s tennessee whiskey and adds in the sweet nectar of the bees, making a wonderful concoction for sipping over ice or adding into coffee. thick and creamy and awash with flavour, fans of jack daniel will not want to miss this real treat.

Jagermeister Cold Brew, 70cl

Jagermeister Cold Brew is a unique taste of Jägermeister’s herbs & spices coupled with coffee & its natural energising properties.

Jägermeister    , 70cl

Whether you bomb it or sip it slowly, jägermeister, the german hunt-master, is a flavour which we all know and love. however you drink yours you’ll know the sticky sweetness it offers, with a complex blend of 56 fruits, spices and herbs creating the trademark taste. with medicinal undertones and aromatic depth, jägermeister is one of the most popular shooters on the market but it’s often enjoy in cocktails and even on its own over ice.

Jinzu, 70cl

Jinzu is a hybrid spirit, combining scottish gin from cameronbridge with distilled sake, cherry blossom and yuzu fruit.

Kahlua, 70cl

The coffee liqueur which is known best around the world, kahlua uses coffee beans from mexico before being produced by the master blenders at heering in denmark. the strong coffee notes come through immediately on the nose and its thick texture is welcome on the palate with a sweet chocolate flavour coming through alongside the coffee. try the 1950s classic of kahlua and milk, which allows the intense flavour of the coffee to come through wonderfully.

Kahlua Salted Caramel, 70cl

The decadence of caramel combined with the complement of saLtr makes for a surprising flavour pairing. the saLtred caramel syrup delivers this saLtry sweetness to create rich, delicious hot and cold drinks of every kind.

Kalani Coconut, 70cl

Coconut milk is macerated with rum to produce a soft, lightly sweet coconut liquer that can be used as a base for pina colada.

King's Ginger, 50cl

The king’s ginger liqueur is a high-strength aromatic drink which is produced through the careful maceration of ginger root and the addition of warm and aromatic lemon oil. The flavour is rich and intensely spiced with ginger and a golden syrup-like thickness. The bite of ginger and tartness of the lemon make this a drink which hits the palate with a bang but soon mellows and becomes extremely satisfying.

Kummel Wolfschmidt , 50cl

A classic dutch liqueur kummel wolfschmidt is a refreshing and sweet smelling drink which is packed full of flavour. syrupy in the mouth, each sip of wolfschmidt is full-bodied and fiery, with pronounced notes of caraway, aniseed and hints of citrus and fresh peppermint. the heat gives way to a sugary sweetness which is very welcome and blends wonderfully with the deeper, spicier notes. caraway and aniseed linger on considerably after drinking.

Kwai Feh, 70cl

The pure essence of the exotic lychee is captured in this asian-inspired liqueur. the sweet and exotic lychee fruit comes through lightly in this popular liqueur and it’s a wonderful choice for adding to champagne, sparkling wines or sparkling soft drink/mixers. the legend of emperor ming of the tang dynasty gives the lychee a special place in the heart of china but kwai feh is now enjoyed around the world.

Legendario Elixir De Cuba, 70cl

Legendario elixir de cuba is a rum punch made from sweetened 7 year-old rum blended with raisin extracts and reduced with demineralised water for a soft, sweet flavour.

Lejay Apricot, 70cl

Destined for use in delicious cocktails and even desserts, lejay-lagoute's liqueur de banana is a superb banana-flavoured liqueur made in France.

Lejay Banana, 70cl

A rich, juicy and sweet crème de cassis from one of the most well known producers of the blackcurrant liqueur, lejay-lagoute. It's made with two different varieties of blackcurrant - noir de bourgogne and black down. Masses of fruity flavours to be found here.

Lejay Framboise, 70cl

Lejay-lagoute liqueur is flavoured with green apples and makes a great addition to many cocktails.

Lejay Lychee, 70cl

Monin raspberry liqueur, or framboise to use the French, captures the delicate yet tangy flavour of the fruit and serves it up beautifully with a deep alcoholic heat. Wild raspberries are used in the production to give it a fresh and herbaceous nose and a slight after-hint of brandy is also present, floral notes ever present and welcoming. sweet, candied raspberry notes linger and help create a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Lejay Peche, 70cl

Produced in france by the lejay-lagoute company, this is a dry, intense triple sec liqueur flavoured with bitter and sweet oranges.

Lejay Triple Sec, 70cl

This is an elegant liqueur from french producer lejay-lagoute which is flavoured with lychees for a delicate and slightly floral spirit.

Licor 43             , 70cl

A famous and award winning spanish liqueur, licor 43, as the name suggests, brings together 43 different ingredients. citrus takes the main stage but the flavour is enhanced with a wide range of additional ingredients, including a wide range of aromatic herbs and spices. the secret formula behind licor 43 can be traced back thousands of years and there’s a good reason for this, it’s just drinkable. the citrus notes lead into a warmer butterscotch vanilla which will certainly have you reaching for a second glass.

Limoncello di Capri, 70cl

Everything about lemons is captured in this vibrant and satisfying drink! Limoncello di Capri is the most popular drink of its kind in Italy and the most asked for at bars and restaurants and with its bright hues and sugary yet sharp flavour, you can be sure you’ll love it too. The premium quality offered by this liqueur makes it perfect for after dinner sipping and enjoying at your leisure.

Limoncello Evangelista, 70cl

Limoncello Evangelista is produced in Abruzzo and uses the freshest lemons to deliver a refreshingly bright and zesty vibrant flavour. Evangelista have been producing limoncello since the early 20th century and you can be sure you won’t be disappointed by the resuLtr. Traditionally served as a chilled digestif, Limoncello Evangelista will take you to Italy with each sip. Whether you do choose to drink it traditionally or enjoy it alongside other drinks, Limoncello Evangelista is a great drink.

Limoncello Evangelista Organic, 50cl

Made using whole organic sicillian lemons to give an initial soft, sweet flavour before the acidity and zesty notes

Luxardo Amaretto    , 70cl

The classic almond liqueur from the famed italian producers luxardo. luxardo amaretto is elegant and refined, presenting in attractive packaging and can be drank in a wide range of different ways. bright amber pours from the bottle and delivers a nose fresh in sweet almonds and vanilla. the flavour too is satisfying sweet with just a little heat and a rounded finish which delivers real class. sip slowly after dinner, pop into your next champagne or combine in any number of classic cocktails.

Luxardo Limoncello , 70cl

The fantastic luxardo team are back again with a fauLtrlessly crafted limoncello. an infusion of lemon peels steeped in alcohol delivers the fresh biting flavour of limoncello and luxardo have perfected the art of producing drinks that work. bright yellow hues are home to the punchy fragrance of freshly cut lemons and the taste is rounded and harmonious, with a sharp freshness on the palate, just like the nose. enjoy with dessert or just afterwards.

Luxardo Maraschino  , 50cl

Maraschino luxardo is a classic italian liqueur and is presented in its traditional way, straw covered bottle and all. the clear hues hide a flavour which is simply bursting with marasca cherries and a typically pungent aroma in which the cherries seem to invite you to take that first sip. smooth on the palate initially, leading into a sharpness which is short lived but satisfying. it’s the aroma of this one which will have you back for another sip, lingering long after tasting.

Luxardo Maraschino  , 70cl

Smooth but sharp, a sweet liqueur unusual for the punch of the distillate, which can be clearly perceived in spite of the moderate alcohol content. a rounded taste and a surprisingly persistent aroma.

Luxardo Sangue Morlacco, 70cl

Luxardo's sangue morlacco is made with italian marasca cherries and is aged in oak vats for two years. the perfect digestif and great in cocktails.

Malibu, 1.5ltr

Nothing says caribbean quite like the sweet taste of the coconut and with malibu not only do you get that, you also get the sweet, heady taste of premium white rum. the coconut flavour is strong and the lightness of the rum allows for a welcome smoothness. the coconut notes blend wonderfully with a sweet molasses flavour which delivers an almost dairy-like flavour, inviting and essential for the most exotic caribbean cocktails.

Malibu      , 70cl

Nothing says caribbean quite like the sweet taste of the coconut and with malibu not only do you get that, you also get the sweet, heady taste of premium white rum. the coconut flavour is strong and the lightness of the rum allows for a welcome smoothness. the coconut notes blend wonderfully with a sweet molasses flavour which delivers an almost dairy-like flavour, inviting and essential for the most exotic caribbean cocktails.

Mandarin Napoleon   , 70cl

Mandarine napoleon has been around since 1892 and it’s clear it’s bright, vibrant flavour is what’s kept it in people’s hearts. the freshest mandarins from the island of sicily are used to create the distinctive flavour this drink is known for and triple distillation ensures an intense mandarin freshness comes through clearly. spices including sweet cinnamon, liquorice and cloves are added in to ensure the mandarin flavours come through strongly and sugar too is popped in to give it a sweeter kick. enjoy over crushed ice.

Margarita Mix (Cuervo), 1ltr

Designed to be the perfect partner to their wide range of eye-popping tequilas, jose cuervo’s margarita mix has been carefully concocted to create the perfect margarita. ready to drink, simply pop a few shots of margaritamix with your favourite tequila and you’ve got a classic margarita ready to go. add lemon, add lime or add nothing at all and enjoy the authentic taste of the mexican classic. margarita mix has a sharp, sour flavour that combines both the zing of fresh mexican limes and triple sec. 

Merlet Crème de Cassis, 70cl

Fresh blackcurrants are macerated in airtight stainless steel tanks which protect them from light and oxidation. No artificial aromas, no colours.

Merlet Crème de Fraise, 70cl

Premium strawberry fruit liqueur.

Merlet Crème de Framboise, 70cl

By selecting and using only the best of ingredients, the real natural aroma of the fruits is preserved in this 'crème de framboise' so as the authentic real colour of the raspberry crème de framboise, so as the other 'crèmes' were conceived and manufactured in small quantities in order to guarantee a perfect restitution of the sunny, mature fruit of finest quality.

Merlet Crème de Mure, 70cl

A nice and sweet unctuousness in the mouth. No artificial aromas, no colours. Nice taste, large sweetness, natural and distinct.

Merlet Crème de Peche, 70cl

Wild peaches are small and grow in the middle of the vineyards in the area around cognac. Their taste is strong and concentrated. This gives the crème de peche de vigne all its flavour and specific fresh and sunny taste.

Merlet Poire William, 70cl

The 'crème de poire williams' has a beautiful golden colour identical to the pear's golden colour obtained in the sun just before the fruit is picked, perfectly ripe.

Merlet Triple Sec, 70cl

Bright honeyed orange zest and pepper aromas with a soft, oily fruity sweet full body then an orange and custard finish.

Miclo Rose, 50cl

Miclo rose liqueur is a beautifully presented and powerfully aromatic with the delicate essence of rose petals captured perfectly. the sweet fragrance is released as soon as you open the bottle and the perfumed flavour invites you to taste. drink it chilled on its own or mixed with sparkling wine to truly appreciate the delicate aromatic nature of the rose petals’ flavour. miclo also recommended pouring it over elderflower cordial for a truly sensational summer taste.

Miclo Violet, 50cl

The aromatic flavour of violet blossom is distinctive and wonderfully aromatic. miclo violet liqueur is one of the finest offerings presented in a beautifully ornate bottle which is only matched by the deliciously floral and aromatic flavour of its contents. serve chilled and allow the sweet and herbaceous nature of the violet liqueur to be enjoyed at its best. try combining it with your favourite sparkling drink for a different take on its flavour and remember this one’s double the strength!

Midori Melon    , 70cl

Midori is one of the world’s most popular melon liqueurs and it’s easy to see why, it has a light and bright flavour, fresh and fragrant and lets its star ingredient, the sweet, fresh melon take centre stage. it’s a wonderful addition to any number of cocktails or simply sipped with lemonade. its green hues attract attention and it can add that exotic kick your favourite long drink was looking for.

Monin Apricot   , 70cl

Known for their exceptional syrups, monin also offer a wide range of liqueurs with this apricot offering one of the most enjoyable, satisfying and rich in fruit flavours. zinging with the fresh flavours of the delicate apricot this liqueur is an ideal choice for giving your cocktails an aLtrernative kick and adds a refreshing mediterranean twist. mix it with whisky or rum to release the true potency of this exotic flavour.

Monin Banane    , 70cl

The flavour of banana is unique and if you’re a fan then you’ll love monin’s banana liqueur. distinctive and rich with the undeniably recognisable flavour of ripe bananas, this liqueur is almost syrupy with a candied banana flavoured nose, almost reminiscent of penny sweets and caramel. a long lasting finish ensures that you don’t forget this unique flavour and it’s a wonderful choice for your next banana daiquiri.

Monin Blue Curacao  , 70cl

The flavour of blue curacao is very specifically created from the dried peel of the green oranges from the west indian island of curacao and it’s this flavour which is captured perfectly in monin’s liqueur. sweet and tempting with bitter undertones, the bright blue hues are perfect for a vibrant cocktail and attract plenty of attention. bitter peels and citrus sweetness are a perfect combo to add a touch of orange to any cocktail.

Monin Cacao Brown, 70cl

The original monin cacao liqueur is deep brown in colour with some lighter caramel hues and captures the true and natural flavour of pure cocoa, with dairy hints creating a meLtred chocolate taste. thick and syrupy without being cloying, monin cacao is bitter with touches of sweetness and velvety with a real sense of drinking meLtred chocolate. perfect to finish a special dessert or enjoy in a liqueur coffee.

Monin Cacao White, 70cl

Monin cacao white liqueur was produced to give bartenders and mixologists the true taste of chocolate without the deep brown hues to effect the colour and appearance of their drinks. monin cacao white liqueur actually combines the dairy richness of milk chocolate and white chocolate too, delivering a flavour which is rich in cocoa bean bitterness and vanilla sweetness. a long cocoa finish is deliciously moreish.

Monin Cassis    , 70cl

The flavour of the tiny blackcurrant has become one of the most famous of all when it comes to liqueurs and this monin cassis offering is no different. deep red hues contain the sweetness of the blackcurrants, with hints of both the plump fresh fruit and the blackcurrant’s bud. fruity and fresh, this liqueur is also thick and creamy and strikes a balance between freshness and velvety smoothness.

Monin Cherry, 70cl

The sweet temptation of cherries is strong in this monin cherry brandy liqueur. the bright dazzling red hues of the liqueur tempt you in at first and then the sweet smell of freshly squeezed cherry juice dares you to taste. when you take that first sip you’ll enjoy the sweet flavour of cherry flesh mixed with syrupy brandy notes and the bitter, slightly nutty aftertaste of the cherry’s stone. pop a shot or two in your next glass of champagne.

Monin Fraise   , 70cl

Monin fraise liqueur is a genuine classic offering up the sweet essence of fresh strawberries in a cool and refreshing liqueur. a must-have for your drinks cabinet, especially if you like a cheeky cocktail or two and a wonderful partner for monin’s elderflower syrup or for jazzing up your next martini. fresh wild strawberry aromas are release on opening and the flavour bursts with freshness too.

Monin Framboise , 70cl

Monin raspberry liqueur, or framboise to use the french, captures the delicate yet tangy flavour of the fruit and serves it up beautifully with a deep alcoholic heat. wild raspberries are used in the production to give it a fresh and herbaceous nose and a slight after-hint of brandy is also present, floral notes ever present and welcoming. sweet, candied raspberry notes linger and help create a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

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