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American Eagle 12yo, 70cl

A superlative 12YO made from a blend of corn, rye and malt and slowly aged in oak casks delivering a smooth and creamy finish full of spice, sweetness and citrus fruit.


A triple hopped Session IPA of curiously crafted balance, finesse and distinctive drinkability. This refreshing and zesty Session IPA with three complementary hops - English Golding, Chinook & Cascade.

Fatty Organic Gin, 70cl

A classic London Dry Gin, the juniper and dill immediately shines through on the front of the palate, the dill melts away allowing the citrus to come forward to create a crisp, refreshing finish. 100% organic it is an incredibly smooth and clean gin.

Fatty Organic Pink Grapefruit, 70cl

The juniper bursts through on the front of the palate, with the subtle tones of succulent pink grapefruit and warming turmeric shining through, this is a zesty, flavoursome distilled spirit. Made at just half the alcohol as a traditional G&T at 20%abv, but maintaining all the flavour, and of course, is 100% organic.

Sapling Vodka, 70cl

Buttery and soft, with a hint of caraway, giving it a herbaceous touch. The high starch content of our wheat also leaves a unique natural sweetness.

Seven Tails Brandy, 70cl

The inception of Seven Tails in unique, Cognac, Armagnac and the finest French brandies aged 3-30 years are aged in oak barrels then finished in port wood casks to achieve a rich depth of flavour encompassing tasting notes of praline, dried fig and toasted vanilla.

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