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Amarula Cream Liqueur, 70cl

The taste of South Africa you’ll come to love. Amarula cream is a must-try for all fans of baileys and other cream liqueurs. With an exotic flavour through the distillation of the fermented fruit of the marula tree, Amarula spirit is aged and then blended with cream to create its distinct fruit cream flavour. The exotic taste of the fruit blends seamlessly into the sweet cream to create a result which is enticing and wonderfully drunk simply over ice.

Bold London Spirit, 70cl

Invented in Notting hill, London. this liqueur is based on the neutral spirit with sour cherries and cassia bark to create a fruit-forward flavour, with spice and floral notes.

Briottet Orange Curacao, 70cl

Briottet offers a full range of curacao liqueurs and this is their vibrant orange offering. Briottet orange liqueur brings together the zest of both the bitter curacao orange as well as Seville orange zest. These bright citric flavours are teamed beautifully with aromatics from natural plants and together you get the classic curacao liqueur flavour. Without the bright hues of the blue version or the well-known character of triple sec, Briottet orange curacao offers something different and a slightly bigger bite than your average curacao.

Briottet White Menthe, 70cl

Briottet Menthe Blanche liqueur has a very similar peppermint flavour to its green sister, without the hues which may not go down so well in a classy cocktail or refined mixed drink. The flavour is created by a combination of fine sugar and distilled mint and peppermint leaves, it’s a wonderfully scented and intensely flavoured liqueur. It works beautifully in frozen drinks as well as cocktails with both cream and fruit bases.

Chambord, 70cl

The intensity of sweet, tart raspberries is perfectly contained within each bottle of Chambord. Black and red raspberries are wonderfully balanced together creating a delectable liqueur which is finished with smooth natural honey and exotic Madagascan vanilla. Rich and decadent, Chambord is fragrant and intense with berry flavours. Inspired by the liqueurs of 18th-century France, Chambord is intensely enjoyable and plays a key role in classic cocktails including the french manhattan, butler miller and the tempting Chambord daiquiri.

Cherry Marnier, 70cl

Grand Marnier cherry was one of the first-ever fruit liqueurs created by the famous company and it hasn’t changed the recipe ever since. Deep red in colour and rich in the aroma of both fresh and cooked cherries as well as almonds and specially selected spices, grand Marnier cherry is something really special. The flavour is balanced with the smoothness you’d expect of a quality liqueur as well as some biting hints of morello cherry and lighter notes of almond-infused vanilla. A complex flavour profile guarantees you’ll go back for more.

Citrónge Orange Liqueur, 70cl

Patrón citrónge is a premium orange liqueur made in Jalisco in Mexico and has a taste reminiscent of fresh orange juice, wonderful when enjoyed straight or over ice. When you open the bottle you’ll enjoy an aroma which is drenched in fresh oranges, with a little floral warmth and on tasting the flavour is wonderfully refreshing and sweet, with a smoothness to it which helps it go down wonderfully. The orange flavour lingers long after drinking.

Cointreau, 70cl

One of the most famous triple sec style liqueurs around Cointreau is the first choice ingredient for many citrus cocktails and the recipe has been perfected to the point where it’s simply a must-buy for many. On the nose is fresh and tangy, orange oils coming through thick and fast and unlike other bitter-led triple sec style liqueurs Cointreau is intensely sweet leading into a dry finish. Nutmeg and lemon come through in the finish too.

Fair Goji Berry, 35cl

Known for their fairtrade principles, fair goji berry liqueur is certified fairtrade is made from selectively sourced goji berries from the isolated Himalayan valleys. The berries are harvested and shipped to France, the macerated and turned into this exceptional liqueur. Its aroma is invitingly sweet, with peach and apple coming through alongside a touch of red berries and the flavour is sweet and light with a little syrup thickness. Raspberry, melon and plums all come through alongside cherry sourness, in an exotic mix of enjoyable fresh fruit.

Frangelico, 70cl

Frangelico is known as one of the big guys, one of Italy's most famous liqueurs and one which has been around for more than 300 years. Traditional in its production and flavour, Frangelico captures the essence of the rich and flavourful hazelnut and offers it up as a smooth and creamy liqueur. The bottle is shaped like a monk’s habit, bringing back memories of its first producers and the flavour is truly intense with a nuttiness which is wonderful in coffee, over dessert or as part of the base of a creamy cocktail.

Gabriel Boudier Crème de Cassis de Dijon, 50cl

Gabriel Bouvier's extravagant range of liqueurs and crème should all be tasted once and this crème de cassis is one of the oldest, classic flavours in the collection. Macerated blackcurrants are balanced against sugar to ensure the acidity of the fruit is enjoyable. On opening the bottle memories of freshly cooked blackcurrant pie come with a rich aroma and flavour follows balancing the tartness of the berries with a much-needed sweetness.

Gabriel Boudier Elderflower, 50cl

Elderflower based liqueur, with notes of white grape, tea and honey

Gabriel Boudier Liqueur de Framboise, 50cl

Gabriel boudier’s framboise crème takes the finest fresh raspberries from scotland and blends them to create a sweet cream liqueur. selected raspberry varieties are drawn together the capture the fresh essence necessary for the perfect raspberry bellini, daiquiri or to top of sparkling wine spritzers in style. scottish raspberries are blended with those from burgundy to deliver a fresh, burst of fruit flavours, which deserves to be added to your favourite long drinks.

Gabriel Boudier Triple Sec, 50cl

A bottle of highly-regarded french-producer giffard's liqueur made with apricots from the roussillon region.

Giffard Cassis de Bourgogne, 70cl

The cherries, griotte variety, are picked and received fresh, sorted, selected and steeped in alcohol the same day to preserve their firmness.

Giffard Cherry Brandy, 70cl

Fresh and light flavour of the strawberry fortified with the very particular and intense aroma of the wild strawberry.

Giffard Fraise, 70cl

Raspberries steeped in alcohol. crème de framboises "tradition" (raspberry). flavoured, fresh, well-balanced and smooth taste.

Giffard Mango, 70cl

Made by Giffard, the Manzana Verde is an intense apple liqueur made with concentrated apple juice. Vibrant and crisp, it's like walking through an orchard and tasting all the Bramley apples at once, which would be very impressive.

Giffard Mure, 70cl

Muroise is a hybrid berry with all of the strengths of blackberries and raspberries, yet none of their weaknesses. In a fight, it can beat all berries, except for loganberries. the muroise berries are slowly macerating and the liqueur offers a rich and fascinating flavour.

Giffard Passion Fruit, 70cl

Giffard's stunning peach liqueur, pêche de Vigne is made by infusing vine peaches with alcohol, with nothing else added except water and sugar.

Giffard Peche, 70cl

The perfect dessert liqueur, Giffard pink grapefruit liqueur is delicate and fresh. Pour it over a fruity dessert or frozen sorbet and you won’t be disappointed and it works equally well as an aperitif, especially when served with sparkling wine or champagne. Pungent from first opening you’ll enjoy rich zesty grapefruit flavours and just a touch of jammy thickness. A wonderful addition to your drinks cabinet which perfectly balances sweet and sour.

Giffard Pink Grapefruit, 70cl

The perfect dessert liqueur, Giffard pink grapefruit liqueur is delicate and fresh. Pour it over a fruity dessert or frozen sorbet and you won’t be disappointed and it works equally well as an aperitif, especially when served with sparkling wine or champagne. Pungent from first opening you’ll enjoy rich zesty grapefruit flavours and just a touch of jammy thickness. A wonderful addition to your drinks cabinet which perfectly balances sweet and sour.

Giffard Poire William, 70cl

The four generations of the Giffard liqueur production company have always dedicated time and care to the production of their quality offerings, and this includes their classic Poire William liqueur. Fresh with the ripeness of Williams pears the flavour is rich and reminiscent of grappa, with the flavours of both the pear skin and flesh blending in harmony. Blossom, honey and a little alcohol heat support the dominant fresh pear flavour.

Giffard Triple Sec, 70cl

Made by steeping melon in alcohol, Giffard's watermelon liqueur is an authentic, fresh-tasting drink, with no artificial ingredients.

Gifford Rhubarb, 70cl

Infusing both green and pink rhubarb, Giffard rhubarb liqueur is a richly enjoyable and indulgent and has a marmalade-richness which stands out against the sour notes that rhubarb is known for. The aroma is an intense as the taste and from the first opening, you’ll be wanting to get that first taste and decide exactly how you’re going to enjoy your drink. Wonderful on the rocks, pure or popped into a special cocktail, it’s entirely up to you how you enjoy this exceptional Giffard liqueur.

Grand Marnier, 70cl

Despite their extensive range of liqueurs, it’s the original elegance of their classic grand Marnier which is the most famous. Made exclusively with a luxurious base of quality cognac, Grand Marnier has a smooth richness to it and a sharp, vibrant orange flavour. A versatile liqueur which is the base for many cocktails and often enjoyed neat, Grand Marnier is a staple of the classic drinks cabinet and one which will be enjoyed time and again.

Heering Cherry, 70cl

The godfather of cherry liqueurs, Heering Cherry brandy is made to a recipe which dates back to the early 19th century and spends three years maturing before being bottled and this delivers a flavour which truly represents the sweet succulence of the cherry. One of the original ingredients for the first-ever Singapore sling, Heering cherry brandy is made from natural ingredients, locally sourced danish cherries and is genuinely the original cherry brandy.

Huana Guanabana, 70cl

Fermented guanabana fruit, said to taste like strawberry and pineapple with citrus and mix it with rum!

Iseo Triple Sec (House), 70cl

Iseo triple sec offers great flavour and great value in equal measure. Made from the distillation of the dried peel of the curacao oranges, it’s produced in Italy and has crystal clear hues hiding that truly tangy orange flavour. Light on the palate and with a fresh orange blossom aroma, Iseo triple sec is refreshing and sweet. Sugary sweetness blends beautifully with the citric tang of the orange.

Jack Daniel's Honey, 1.5ltr

With jack daniel’s honey, you’ll be praising the bees for the quality of their production, as well as the good folk at jack daniel too. A truly stunning whisky liqueur which takes the essence of jack daniel’s Tennessee whiskey and adds in the sweet nectar of the bees, making a wonderful concoction for sipping over ice or adding into the coffee. Thick and creamy and awash with flavour, fans of Jack Daniel will not want to miss this real treat.

Kahlua Salted Caramel, 70cl

The decadence of caramel combined with the complement of salt makes for a surprising flavour pairing. The salted caramel syrup delivers this salty sweetness to create rich, delicious hot and cold drinks of every kind.

Kalani Coconut, 70cl

Coconut milk is macerated with rum to produce a soft, lightly sweet coconut liqueur that can be used as a base for a pina colada.

Kwai Feh, 70cl

The pure essence of the exotic lychee is captured in this Asian-inspired liqueur. The sweet and exotic lychee fruit comes through lightly in this popular liqueur and it’s a wonderful choice for adding to champagne, sparkling wines or sparkling soft drink/mixers. The legend of emperor ming of the tang dynasty gives the lychee a special place in the heart of china but kwai feh is now enjoyed around the world.

Limoncello di Capri, 70cl

Everything about lemons is captured in this vibrant and satisfying drink! Limoncello di Capri is the most popular drink of its kind in Italy and the most asked for at bars and restaurants and with its bright hues and sugary yet sharp flavour, you can be sure you’ll love it too. The premium quality offered by this liqueur makes it perfect for after dinner sipping and enjoying at your leisure.

Limoncello Evangelista, 70cl

Limoncello Evangelista is produced in Abruzzo and uses the freshest lemons to deliver a refreshingly bright and zesty vibrant flavour. Evangelista have been producing limoncello since the early 20th century and you can be sure you won’t be disappointed by the resuLtr. Traditionally served as a chilled digestif, Limoncello Evangelista will take you to Italy with each sip. Whether you do choose to drink it traditionally or enjoy it alongside other drinks, Limoncello Evangelista is a great drink.

Limoncello Evangelista Organic, 50cl

Made using whole organic sicillian lemons to give an initial soft, sweet flavour before the acidity and zesty notes

Luxardo Sangue Morlacco, 70cl

Luxardo's sangue morlacco is made with italian marasca cherries and is aged in oak vats for two years. the perfect digestif and great in cocktails.

Mandarin Napoleon   , 70cl

Mandarine napoleon has been around since 1892 and it’s clear it’s bright, vibrant flavour is what’s kept it in people’s hearts. the freshest mandarins from the island of sicily are used to create the distinctive flavour this drink is known for and triple distillation ensures an intense mandarin freshness comes through clearly. spices including sweet cinnamon, liquorice and cloves are added in to ensure the mandarin flavours come through strongly and sugar too is popped in to give it a sweeter kick. enjoy over crushed ice.

Merlet Crème de Cassis, 70cl

Fresh blackcurrants are macerated in airtight stainless steel tanks which protect them from light and oxidation. No artificial aromas, no colours.

Merlet Crème de Fraise, 70cl

Premium strawberry fruit liqueur.

Merlet Crème de Framboise, 70cl

By selecting and using only the best of ingredients, the real natural aroma of the fruits is preserved in this 'crème de framboise' so as the authentic real colour of the raspberry crème de framboise, so as the other 'crèmes' were conceived and manufactured in small quantities in order to guarantee a perfect restitution of the sunny, mature fruit of finest quality.

Merlet Crème de Mure, 70cl

A nice and sweet unctuousness in the mouth. No artificial aromas, no colours. Nice taste, large sweetness, natural and distinct.

Merlet Crème de Peche, 70cl

Wild peaches are small and grow in the middle of the vineyards in the area around cognac. Their taste is strong and concentrated. This gives the crème de peche de vigne all its flavour and specific fresh and sunny taste.

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