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Monin Cacao White, 70cl

Monin cacao white liqueur was produced to give bartenders and mixologists the true taste of chocolate without the deep brown hues to effect the colour and appearance of their drinks. monin cacao white liqueur actually combines the dairy richness of milk chocolate and white chocolate too, delivering a flavour which is rich in cocoa bean bitterness and vanilla sweetness. a long cocoa finish is deliciously moreish.

Monin Cassis    , 70cl

The flavour of the tiny blackcurrant has become one of the most famous of all when it comes to liqueurs and this monin cassis offering is no different. deep red hues contain the sweetness of the blackcurrants, with hints of both the plump fresh fruit and the blackcurrant’s bud. fruity and fresh, this liqueur is also thick and creamy and strikes a balance between freshness and velvety smoothness.

Monin Cherry, 70cl

The sweet temptation of cherries is strong in this monin cherry brandy liqueur. the bright dazzling red hues of the liqueur tempt you in at first and then the sweet smell of freshly squeezed cherry juice dares you to taste. when you take that first sip you’ll enjoy the sweet flavour of cherry flesh mixed with syrupy brandy notes and the bitter, slightly nutty aftertaste of the cherry’s stone. pop a shot or two in your next glass of champagne.

Monin Fraise   , 70cl

Monin fraise liqueur is a genuine classic offering up the sweet essence of fresh strawberries in a cool and refreshing liqueur. a must-have for your drinks cabinet, especially if you like a cheeky cocktail or two and a wonderful partner for monin’s elderflower syrup or for jazzing up your next martini. fresh wild strawberry aromas are release on opening and the flavour bursts with freshness too.

Monin Framboise , 70cl

Monin raspberry liqueur, or framboise to use the french, captures the delicate yet tangy flavour of the fruit and serves it up beautifully with a deep alcoholic heat. wild raspberries are used in the production to give it a fresh and herbaceous nose and a slight after-hint of brandy is also present, floral notes ever present and welcoming. sweet, candied raspberry notes linger and help create a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Monin Green Apple   , 70cl

There is nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a fresh green apple and whilst you don’t get that exact sensation from monin green apple liqueur, you get the same depth of flavour and biting freshness. strong with the flavour of granny smith apples and the fresh bitterness of the skin, monin green apple liqueur is wonderful when popped in lemonade, sparkling wine or anything with a bit of fizz.

Monin Green Melon, 70cl

Exotic and classically used in a range of cocktails monin green melon liqueur is refreshing and tangy on the tongue. its aroma is rich in ripe green melons and the flavour is smoother, round and tastes sweet and fresh. there is a tartness that is both enjoyable and adds another dimension to the flavour of the drink and ensures the sweetness isn’t overwhelming. add an exotic touch to your favourite long drink or create your own cocktail!

Monin Lychee, 70cl

The exotic asian lychee is a flavour which compliments many others, both exotic and commonly enjoyed and monin lychee liqueur is a pale pink nectar which offers aromatic warmth. fresh lychee scent comes out strongly as you open the bottle and the flavour is subtly fruity with strong floral overtones and just a hint of acidity. the sweetness of the liqueur makes it a perfect accompaniment for pastry based desserts.

Monin Menthe Green, 70cl

Monin menthe green has clear emerald-tinged hues which adds a cool and sharp peppermint taste to a wide range of cocktails or indeed to enjoy on its own. its aroma is bright and vibrant with fresh peppermint and a sweetness comes through in the flavour, like candied mint alongside the natural, menthol-heavy taste of the peppermint. fresh pine and a hint of black pepper round off the flavour in refined style.

Monin Menthe White, 70cl

The crystal clear hues of monin menthe white liqueur hide a sharp and tantalising flavour which cools the tongue and adds a real kick to any cocktail. its aroma is rich in both tingly spearmint and fresh peppermint and the flavour too has hints of each of these mint flavours, with the coolness coming through underneath. a perfect partner for sweet chocolate desserts or cream-based cocktails, the flavour of monin menthe white is a must for mixologists who want the freshness of mint without the usual green hues.

Monin Mure  , 70cl

Monin mure liqueur takes the natural, forest-fresh flavour of the blackberry. ripe and plump the fresh flavour of the blackberry is rich and velvety and perfectly captured in this sweet liqueur. the sweetness is balanced against the berries natural sourness and there’s even a jammy thickness to the liqueur, making it even more moreish. the concentrated flavour in monin mure liqueur is powerful enough to stand out in cocktails or be enjoyed in a long drink on ice.

Monin Orange Curacao, 70cl

More commonly known in its blue variety, monin orange curacao offers that same vibrant yet bittersweet flavour. golden orange in colour with an aroma which is fragrant and almost festive, with both bitter orange peels and sweet flesh coming through. the flavour is wonderfully gentle, a mild citrus warmth followed by candy sweet orange freshness, with only a hint of fresh orange tang. the bitter note ensures this is recognisably a quality curacao liqueur.

Monin Peche , 70cl

The juicy and aromatic flesh of the peach is perfectly replicated and wonderfully fragrant in this monin peach liqueur. the flavour of peach or peche as the team at monin would say, is rich and floral and in this liqueur you’ll enjoy every last succulent drop. the aroma is fresh and enticing and the flavour is sweet, velvety soft and lingers long after your final sip.

Monin Triple Sec    , 70cl

A classic triple sec which allows you to add the tempting curacao flavour without any of the recognisable blue or orange hues. monin triple sec is the perfect tool for the cocktail maestro who wants to keep those bittersweet orange flavours hidden. this liqueur has an aromatic bitter curacao nose and a flavour which is reach in the same bitterness as well as sugary sweetness which brings out the tang of the curacao oranges.

Monin Vanilla Liqueur, 70cl

Very few flavours are as warm and comforting as vanilla and monin vanilla liqueur allows you to enjoy its velvety smoothness alongside the satisfying burn of neutral alcohol. bright with an aroma of vanilla pod and a taste which is rounded like fresh vanilla beans and vanilla cream, there’s an organic feel to this liqueur, enjoying vanilla in its natural state. it ends on a creamy note which guarantees you’ll go back for more.

Monin Violette Liqueur, 70cl

Violet is a flavour which truly adds another dimension to your favourite drink. monin violet liqueur is a delicate and aromatic creation which offers up the characteristic flavour of violet, alongside a little syrup and caramel. there’s a spring freshness about this liqueur that you might want to add to a wide range of cocktails and drinks including everything from an elegant champagne cocktail to simply with your favourite soft drink/mixer/mixer.

Monin Watermelon, 70cl

A summer day in a glass, monin watermelon liqueur captures the essence of this quintessentially summer fruit and offers up vibrant bursts of juice and a refreshing tang. as soon as you open the bottle you’ll imagine a summer’s day as the fresh aroma of just-cut watermelon escapes and on tasting you’ll enjoy all the juicy freshness of the real thing. add it to your favourite soft drink/mixer or create an extra special summery cocktail.

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