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Akashi Tai Honjozo Sake, 30cl

Akashi-tai's honjozo sake is made to be slightly lighter in style than other sakes, using high quality rice and a small amount of brewers alcohol to create a crisp, dry and easy to drink sake that's best served at room temperature.

Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu, 50cl

A luxurious plum liqueur made by preserving the fruit in premium sake, softening the spirit and enhancing the plum flavour. This is best served chilled on its own in summer, or with a little hot water in winter.

BarSol Quebranta Primero, 70cl

Peruvian puro pisco made with Quebranta grapes to create straight-up, non-aromatic pisco, as is popular back in Peru.

Bepi Tosolini Moscato Grappa, 50cl

Intense and full of fresh fruit flavours, Tosolini Moscato grappa utilises muscat grapes to deliver a smooth and aromatic flavour. Tosolini Moscato grappa releases a bouquet of stunning aromas, most prominently tangy grape. The intense flavour of the grapes is closely followed and complemented by notes of fresh blossom, menthol mint and floral honeysuckle. A wonderful after-dinner drink, perfectly paired with a range of indulgent desserts, the fresh tang of the grapes is what lingers longest.

Choya Sake, 72cl

Smooth and dry, Choya Sake is a traditional Japanese drink which is produced with care and attention. Fermented at a very low temperature, Choya Sake has the true fragrance and aroma of cooked rice as well as warmer, fruitier notes. Traditionally served warm in the cold winter or chilled in the warmer months, Choya Sake offers the true taste of Japan. Whether you drink it alone or alongside traditional Japanese food, this is definitely one drink to savour.

Eau de Vie Poire William Miclo, 70cl

A fine and flavoursome pear brandy, Miclo Poire William Eau de Vie captures the sweetness and the sharpness of the pair and balances them wonderfully. The sweet williams pear flavour has been fermented alongside the distillation process to deliver a smooth sweetness and a long ageing process in specially built tanks ensuring the depth of flavour is sustained. The authentic pear flavour in this Eau de Vie delivers a real sense of biting into the fresh fruit and calls for baked desserts and cheese boards alongside it.

EDV Kirsch, 70cl

No drinks cupboard is complete without a classic kirsch. Lesgrevil Kirschwasser is authentically flavoured using traditional production methods. The cherry fruit, stones and juice are all fermented to create a rich and vibrant cherry flavour which Lesgrevil has harmoniously teamed with light notes of almond. Adding kirsch to your cocktails ensures a strong hit of sweet cherry flavour or you can alternatively use it to pep up desserts, flavoured pastries or even drink alone.

EDV Poire William, 70cl

The williams pear takes centre stage in this sweet and satisfying eau de vie. Lesgrevil poire william eau de vie combines the sweet flavours of the pear with the intensity of the distilled alcohol and combined they create an enticing blend which is wonderfully enjoyed as a digestif. The sweet and fruity flavour of the pear is wonderfully teamed with your after dinner cheeseboard or a light dessert.

El Gobernador Pisco, 70cl

The result is in an aromatic, floral and well-rounded spirit, sure to go handsomely in a pisco sour.

Freya Birch Spirit, 70cl

Delicate green flavour with hints of peach and touches of rye. A great alternative to vodka in cocktails.

Grappa Tosolini Cividina (House), 70cl

Springwater clear and aromatically fruity, Tosolini Cividina grappa is robust and awash with the fresh flavour of grapes. Distilled in northern Italy in traditional copper stills, there is a Slavic and Austrian influence due to the region of the distillery. With sweet brandy undertones mixed with the pomace of the grapes, Tosolini Cividana grappa has a mellow flavour which marries wonderfully with aromatic notes and the sweetness of grapes throughout.

Isake Classic, 72cl

A sake designed to go with Japanese cuisine, due in part to one of its creators being a sake sommelier. Isake classic can be enjoyed slightly warmed (nukuran) to appreciate the ample umami. A versatile sake, which when gently heated brings out extra aromatics.

La Diablada Pisco, 70cl

La diablada is a blended (or acholado) pisco made from italia, moscatel, quebranta and torontel grapes. Each of these is distilled separately and then rested for two years.

Macchu Pisco, 70cl

Macchu Pisco is Peruvian pisco made from aromatic Quebranta grapes and then rested for four months to allow the spirit to mellow and reveal its true character.

Nardini Grappa Bianca, 70cl

One of Italy’s most popular grappas, nardini grappa bianca is simuLtraneously sharp and sweet with its high proof evident from the first sip. Elegant notes of gingerbread and aromatic jasmine tea meld together offering a smooth and mellow palate, with layers of sugary lemon building. Acacia honey notes complement the smoothness even further and add to the warming characteristics of this flavourful grappa. A complex flavour profile which is harmoniously balanced and a real Italian favourite.

Pisco ABA, 50cl

Aba pisco is a prized chilean creation which is produced using a double distillation method in copper pot stills. perfect for chile’s favourite pisco sour cocktail, aba utilises the fresh, juicy grapes of the muscat variety, grown in the chilean andes. crystal clear and exceptionally flavoured, aba pisco offers the taste of jasmine flowers, sweet honey and tangerine creating a flavour which is soft on the palate and syrupy sweet.

Pisco Porton, 70cl

Peru. made in small batches (with 15lb of grapes needed for each bottle), it is rested for months after distillation for complexity and roundness.

Pisco Soldeica, 70cl

Using only quebranta grapes from the ica area of Peru, soldeica pisco is a strongly flavoured crystal clear pisco which has the comforting aroma of cooking bread dough. Oily and nutty scents are also released and the flavour is sweet and light, with a mouthfeel which is slightly oily and smooth. Aromatic flavours are led by herbaceous notes and that bready aroma becomes apparent in the flavour too. Easily drinkable and delicately sweet, each sip of Soldeica Pisco is exceptional.

Pisco Soldeica Suprema, 70cl

Four years of specialised production is behind the creation of pisco soldeica suprema. for over 150 years the sweet and smooth flavour of this pisco has been prepared using the same traditional methods. premium grape varieties including the quebranta, italia and torontel are combined to create the exquisitely gentle and enjoyable flavour of this pisco. whether enjoyed alone or in a classic pisco cocktail the supreme quality of this product ensures it blends seamlessly.

Waqar Pisco, 70cl

A premium Chilean pisco from the Camposano family, now on to their fifth generation in the business. Waqar is made using muscat wine and is distilled in small batches to produce a natural and aromatic pisco.


Fiery and fresh, spicy and smooth, the heart and soul of ginger root in a bottle.

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