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Belvedere Pink Grapefruit, 70cl

Smashed pink grapefruit leaps onto your tongue followed by waves of mellow brazillian ginger and waxy lemon peel. the vodka is silky smooth and the finish is both citrus and summer spice with a firm kick. keep this one in the freezer and drink it straight if you can. brilliant stuff.

Benchmark, 70cl

A classic rye recipe kentucky straight bourbon, enjoy the biscuity taste of benchmark. one of the many exquisite offerings from the buffalo trace distillery it’s won awards for its exceptional flavour and its intensely deep and rich in flavour. caramel notes come through in the nose, with hints of delicate berries and fruit in the background and the flavour follows through similarly with added notes of dry pipe tobacco, freshly made leather and cherries. smooth and calm, a classic bourbon to sip.

Bepe Tosolini Agricola Grappa, 50cl

Bepe tosolini agricola is a very special high-strength grappa from the revered tosolini producer. this agricola is distilled using the fresh pomace of red wine grapes from selected vineyards and retains the intense aromas and flavours of ripe black fruit.

Bepe Tosolini Moscato Grappa, 50cl

Intense and full of fresh fruit flavours, tosolini moscato grappa utilises muscat grapes to deliver a smooth and aromatic flavour. tosolini moscato grappa releases a bouquet of stunning aromas, most prominently tangy grape. the intense flavour of the grapes is closely followed and complimented by notes of fresh blossom, menthol mint and floral honeysuckle. a wonderful after dinner drink, perfectly paired with a range of indulgent desserts, the fresh tang of the grapes is what lingers longest.

Berkeley Square, 70cl

Sage and juniper come on strong at first taste. midway there is a burst of juniper and lemon. this calms down and lets the lime and lavender run you through the spicy kick. the juniper appears again at the finish with notes of basil and sage on the very end. herby and yum!

Berneroy No 8 VSOP, 70cl

From the heart of the calvados region, berneroy aged this vsop in limousin oak for around 8 years. it has a great flavour and they recommend it with the cheeseboard, chocolate, or even as an accompaniment to a good cigar.

Black Bottle, 70cl

The new liquid retains the rich distinctiveness and is a more balanced, smoother finished whisky, married together in virgin oak casks giving a slightly sweeter taste.

Black Cow Pure Milk, 70cl

Dorset's finest! Fat waves of cream soda and faint lemon curd move through into scrummy cream and vanilla notes. The finish is full and full of smooth cream soda and zested lemon notes. Super yum. This is one for the fridge…and yes… you probably could drink it 'til the cows come home!

Blackwells, 70cl

Blackwell black gold rum is a Jamaican classic that was actually created by the owner of island records. A traditional recipe, rich in tropical fruit, treacle and toffee, each shot of blackwell is one you’ll remember. Woody notes come through on tasting and add a slight bitterness to the tropical overtones. Charcoal too comes through, lingering until the end, and adding real character to this bright and exotic Jamaican rum.

Blackwood's Limited Edition, 70cl

Smashed parma violets and builders tea upon the opening followed by balanced juniper and floral notes. The finish is full of pepper, lavender and burnt lemon oil. Sophisticated distilling here from the Blackwoods team. Brilliant.

Blackwood's  Dry, 70cl

Really dry 7up notes come through with heavy yet controlled  lime rind flavours. fresh chewy earthy notes appear midway which move into lemon barley water. a super smooth kick with a light zingy mouthfeel leaves heaps of citrus on the finish. refreshing stuff for scotland. great gin.

Blanton's Gold, 70cl

Blanton’s gold is a superior single barrel bourbon, believed by many to be one of the first of its kind. distilled from corn, rye and malt barley it has a rich, intense flavour which is satisfyingly warm and intense with notes of oat. its aroma is rich in cooked fruits, citrus peel with a floral edge and the palate is enjoyable complex with top notes of oak, stone fruits with toffee and deep spices coming through as you sup.

Blanton's Special Reserve, 70cl

Blanton’s special reserve is a single barrel bourbon with a lower than average strength. this helps its lively yet smooth character develop and its spicy depth comes through from first opening. grainy sweetness and a buttery, fruity warmth invite you in and they lead to a palate rich in dried orange peel, toffee and those spices which mellow out quickly. its end note is medium-long and still rich in the spiciness that makes this exceptional blanton’s offering memorable.

Bloom London Dry, 70cl

Big on the floral sweetness at first but with a very delicate mouthfeel. christmas clementines and gentle juniper show up before the soft floral kick. opal fruits and  rosewater on the finish with an unexpected liquorice and clementine close.

Bols Genever, 70cl

Big juniper and bitter tyxylix flavours upon entry that move into crushed cornflakes and spicy juniper flavours. a big kick on this one that moves into hazelnut and baked rye bread on the very end. bloody interesting stuff.

Bols Genever Corenwijn Jenever, 1ltr

6 year old corenwyn jenever, which literally means "grain wine" and is mostly made of distilled malt and flavoured with juniper, from the talented dutch distillers, bols. they age this corenwyn for 6 years in a mix of american oak and french limousin casks.

Bombay Dry, 70cl

Super clean notes of thai spice and black jacks followed by bergamot, lemon and lime rind flavours. juniper comes through mid-kick and remains for a while. the finish is full of bassets allsorts and dried flowers with citrus zest. this gin is awesome.

Bombay Sapphire, 1.5ltr

Thai spice with a very faint wave of juniper. lemon zest then comes to the forefront followed closely by a sweet pepper taste that moves through the soft kick. very faint liquorice, smashed parma violet and army and navy sweets wrapped in lavender on the finish.

Bombay Sapphire, 70cl

Thai spice with a very faint wave of juniper. lemon zest then comes to the forefront followed closely by a sweet pepper taste that moves through the soft kick. very faint liquorice, smashed parma violet and army and navy sweets wrapped in lavender on the finish.

Boodles, 70cl

Well balanced juniper and builders tea note arrive first followed by fresh thai herbs and spices. black jacks appear before the kick which is a very smooth affair. the finish is dry and full of burnt liquorice wood, juniper and strangely, coriander. classic and clean. what more can you ask for?  excellent stuff.

Bosford Rose Gin, 70cl

Bosford Rose gin is wonderfully balanced with juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon peel and orange peel and made with natural strawberry and raspberry flavours. The new gluten-free premium Rose edition is first distilled using all the botanicals of Bosford London Dry Gin original recipe.

Botanist Gin, 70cl

An exciting and unusual gin from islay whisky distillery bruichladdich, the botanist is made in a lomond still christened ugly betty and contains no fewer than 31 botanicals, of which 22 are native to the southern hebridean island itself.

Bowmore 12yr, 70cl

At the heart of the bowmore range, this 12 year old offering doesn’t disappoint with a mixture of coastal notes and earthy, gentle peat. on the nose you’ll enjoy wonderful bright floral notes, with smoky heather and heady hits of peat. the palate is more rounded, smooth and mellow rich if floral perfumed smoke, dark peat and a touch of lemon and sea spray. evokes coastal strolls and waves crashing against the shore.

Bowmore 15yr, 70cl

An exciting release from esteemed islay distillery bowmore, this 15 year old single malt enjoys maturation in fruity and elegant oloroso sherry casks. From first opening the bottle 15 year old bowmore is dark and punchy with sherry notes coming through strongly with sweet dates, spices and raisin present too. the flavour follows on in the same vein, rich and decadent with pine oil and rich woody spice coming through alongside malted fruits. The sherry character sells this malt every time.

Bowmore 18yr, 70cl

One of the newest offerings from islay’s bowmore distillery, this 18 year old single malt is perfumed, wonderfully fruity and rich with dark, smoky peat. the nose begins vibrantly, with the alcohol eat coming through amongst perfumed fruit and essence of fruit jam. when the flavour comes through it’s a balance of sweet and smoky, with deep peaty notes paired with cooked fruit and hearty marmalade. the end note is rich with sticky marmalade notes and a final whisper of smoke.

Bowmore 25yr, 70cl

A grand old master of the bowmore range, this 25 year old malt is aged in spanish sherry and american bourbon casks. the defining character of this peaty malt is coastal, with sublime smoky notes and nutty depth. on opening you’ll enjoy the rich aroma dark fruits, that coastal smoke and herbaceous freshness. this leads into a flavour which is rich with classic peat smoke, a touch of cocoa and a creamy nuttiness which really enhances all the other notes. gentle smoke lingers in an end note you’ll remember.

Brecon Welsh, 70cl

Straight off the mark the juniper comes through. This is followed by orange and lemon zest and with a tweak of nutmeg and liquorice allsorts. Angelica root notes come through after the sharp kick and the finish is medium length with cinnamon and pepper.

Brockman's, 70cl

Blueberries and blackberry jam show up first with a soft undercurrent of juniper and angelica root. the kick is sweet and the waves of orange peel and almond paste leave a yummy taste in the mouth. this is brilliant for cocktails and different to other gins in that it really is an original flavour. top stuff.

Broker's, 70cl

Big zesty lemon drops and juniper notes open up into clean notes of coriander and nutmeg. the finish is crisp and citrus driven. good everyday drinking gin.

Brugal Anejo 5yr, 70cl

Brugal anejo offers classic rum flavours and is one of the finest dominican rums on the market. fudge and overripe bananas are rife in the aroma and fresh woody tones come through too. the flavour is reminiscent of an indulgent crème brulee with dry toffee notes. black pepper spice adds a welcome kick and helps temper the sweetness and brings out the dry oak notes even further. a true dominican classic that deserves at least one try.

Brugal Especial Extra Dry, 70cl

The perfect white rum to pair with your favourite soft drink/mixer/mixer, brugal blanco is simply produced to make sure you cocktails have excellent balance. like a good white rum it’s crisp and clean offering bright refreshment and a wonderful accompaniment to an array of other cocktail ingredients. its light citrus character has a sweet vanilla aftertaste which combines wonderfully with a huge number of tropical fruit juices and other soft drink/mixer/mixers. the end note of this rum is light and mellow too.

Brugal Ron XV, 70cl

A blend of domincan rums come together to create the characteristic flavour of brugal extra viejo 8 year. the mix of rums are all aged for a minimum of three years and this delivers a sweet yet nutty aroma packed with banana, vanilla and chocolate notes. the buttery sweetness continues onto the palate but soon gives way to a spicier coffee-driven flavour, with black pepper and cinnamon providing that appreciated hit of hot spice. a rum that simply asks to be mixed into a coffee-flavoured cocktail.

Bruichladdich Classic Laddie, 70cl

Smooth as pebbles in a pool. it's clean, fresh and lively with both the oak and the grain in perfect harmony.

BruXO No1 Mezcal, 70cl

Mezcal from master mezcalier lucio morales lopez

Buffalo Trace, 70cl

Buffalo trace offer a wide range of exciting bourbons and their classic kentucky straight buffalo trace is one of the most famous. intense with velvety vanilla, warming spices and oaky barrel char, each sip of buffalo trace is a real pleasure. its aroma is rich like a box of toffees, with notes of chocolate éclair, cinnamon and rum spice. on the palate brown sugar comes through strongly with toffee depth and the spicy cinnamon heat also coming through. a classic kentucky bourbon you can sip again and again.

Buffalo White Dog, 37.5cl

A classic clear corn whiskey, buffalo trace white dog sour mash has a surprisingly deep and intense taste. don’t let those clear hues fool you, this offering really packs a punch and is pungent with the notes you’d expect from a quality corn whiskey. sweetness, sourness and of course a spicy depth all come through with the heavy spice of rye and barley bringing in that truly white hot heat. it ends with a mellower, warmer flavour as the spicy notes balance against the sweet.

Bulldog, 70cl

The height of luxury and craftsmanship, with a little bit of bite. bulldog super premium gin brings together a balance of 12 botanicals including standout notes of lavender, liquorice, lotus leave, poppy and dragon eye, a fruit similar to the lychee. smooth and less dry than most modern gins, bulldog is british through and through and benefits from quadruple distillation in copper pot stills and triple fiLtration through 8-micron fiLtrer. an award winner, beautifully packaged, bulldog gin lends itself perfectly to mixing.

Bulleit Bourbon, 70cl

In its striking bottle with its marmalade orange hues, bulleit bourbon is high in rye which helps add real spice to its character. Award winning and becoming more and more popular, bulleit has a pungent nose awash with orange and oak notes, as well as a hint of smoke and even a little banana. The flavour is creamy and full-bodied, zesty on the palate with orange and lime notes and then oaky tobacco comes through, enjoyable and warm.

Bulleit Rye, 70cl

The expert distillers at bulleit offer us their sweet and fruity rye offering, adding even more rye into the mix than their traditional bourbon. Bulleit rye has a mashbill of 95% rye and just 5% malted barley and is produced in small batches, allowing the flavour to really bloom. The nose is awash with sweet cherries and classic vanilla and on the palate you’ll enjoy an intense heat that mellows into a mesh of peaches, cherries, cinnamon and orange zest. A smoky finish is just what’s needed to show a bourbon of true class.

Bumbu Spiced Rum, 70cl

Big banana and vanilla flavours with caramel in the back. Fair amount of sweetness. Aged up to 15 years

Bunnahabhain 12yr, 70cl

This entry level bunnahabhain single malt is a lightly peated offering from islay and is aged for 12 years. enjoy a light, fresh dram with a higher than average proof and a complex yet enjoyable flavour profile. the nose is rich in saLtry seaweed, warm malts and sweetness. this inviting aroma leads into a flavour which offers up notes of sherry, nuts, malt and juicy suLtrana. it’s wonderfully warming and sharply spiced without being overwhelming and it’s one you’ll find yourself reaching for time and again.

Bushmills 10yr, 70cl

Bushmills just got even better. an exceptional 10 year old single malt offering which has been recognised for its quality and won awards for its flavour. rich banana aroma leads into a highly fruited flavour, with hints of chocolate and oak tannin depth. floral notes are present throughout and this is one whisky that only reveals itself with you pop in a drop of water or two. simple yet classic and of course, extremely moreish.

Bushmills Black Bush, 70cl

Bushmills black bush is an interesting blend that’s a little different from the rest on the market. bringing together malt whiskies which have been aged for 11 years in sherry casks for a truly aLtrernative flavour. the nose is powerful with lemon, fresh grapes and barley with a flavour which is sweet, almost dairy-infused and rich in fruit. its finish brings the barley back into centre stage and peppery notes come through strongly.

Bushmills Original, 70cl

Bushmills, a word synonymous with ireland and a drink that all fans of irish whisky and whisky in general will know and love. a true classic that has stood the test of time bushmills is your genuine irish whisky, complete with floral, herbal nose, the tang of citrus and elderflower in it’s the taste and a long cardamom rich finish. a whisky which commands respect and should be enjoyed neat or with a little ice or water.

Byrrh, 75cl

The aperitif that fuelled the french resistance.  it's a medium bodied red wine with roasted coffee, liquorice sticks and bitter berries followed by slow roasted peppers.

Cabeza, 70cl

Cabeza blanco tequila is made by the fifth generation of the vivanco family. distilled in the cooler winter months, this is a fruitier style of tequila.

Calvados Père Magloire Fine AOC, 70cl

Double distilled to ensure an even deeper and more intense flavour, père magloire vsop has been matured for up to 5 years and has dark golden hues to show for it. Père magloire vsop has a deep scent of apple blossom and fresh fruit which is followed be a deliciously crisp and juicy flavour which blends harmoniously with the mature oak flavours from the maturation process. Serve alongside mature and blue cheeses for a perfect partnership.

Calvados Père Magloire VSOP, 70cl

Père magloire 12 year old aoc is a single distillation calvados which is fine and silky on the palate. its deep golden brown colour is attributed to a minimum of 12 years maturation in oak barrels and this also adds a distinct addition to the flavour profile of the bottle. fresh hazelnut marries with fruity banana and natural spices all coming together with the baked apple flavour which is typical of a quality calvados.

Campari, 70cl

Italian stallion bitter! big bitter mouthful of mandarin, maraschino cherries, manuka honey and herbs followed by clove, clementine and quinine finish. legendary stuff.

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