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Abuelo 5yr, 70cl

Ron abuelo translates as grandfather rum and as one of a select few quality offerings from panama, it’s definitely a drink that deserves your attention. aged in white oak ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of five years, abuelo releases aromas of buttery fudge and then is silky on the palate with tempting notes of praline chocolate, spicy tobacco and banana coming through in tandem. it ends with spiciness at its heart.

Abuelo 7yr, 70cl

A panamanian rum aged 7 years and notable for the fact the abuelo is one of the very few distilleries that grow their own sugar cane.

Angostura 12yr 1824, 70cl

Angostura 1824 is the flagship of the company and offers up a delightful array of classic rum flavours, aged for 12 years. Highly exclusive, only 60,000 bottles of angostura 1824 are produced each year. The age of the rum is immediately apparently from its deep, inviting aroma with strong notes of raisins, vanilla and cinnamon. These elements also dominate the flavour with a sweet toffee and vanilla delivered that distinctive rum flavour. Dry oak lingers, evidence of the long aging process.

Angostura 3yr White Reserva, 70cl

Twice fiLtrered and deliciously smooth angostura white reserva rum is a drinkable and refreshing spirit which works wonderfully when simply dashed on the rocks. A blend of light and heavy rums distilled in angostura’s famous five-column continuous still create the distinct flavour of angostura white rum and the 2 year distillation process helps guarantee the sweet yet complex flavour. Citrus notes combined with sweet banana and tropical fruits dance on the palate and keep you coming back to angostura white reserva.

Angostura 5yr, 70cl

The five year old offering initially launched as angostura gold is here and ready to show off the finest features of the popular trinidadian brand. Blending together heavy and light molasses-based rums angostura 5 years is intense with pungent treacle and muscovado sugar notes coming through in the nose. The flavour itself is medium with cedar wood and spice playing key roles alongside zesty grapefruit. The citrus notes come through especially well in the aftertaste. 

Angostura 8yr 1919, 70cl

Angostura 1919 is an 8 year old offering from the famous Trinidadian distillery that benefits from oaky tones delivered through the ex-bourbon casks it’s matured in. Toasted coconut and rich vanilla are released from first opening and the taste is zesty with notes of exotic cumquat, dark sugar and faint herbal notes of eucalyptus and almond. The citrus flavours are the most prominent from beginning to end and give angostura 1919 a refreshing twist.

Appleton 21yr, 70cl

Another classic from the famous appleton rum distillery, a blend of jamaican rums come together to deliver the flavour of appleton 21 year. matured for that full 21 year period, this appleton rum is a rarity and is only released once a year, making it highly sought after. burnt fruit cake and leathery notes are the most prominent in this rum closely followed by bitter spiced oak, that classic demerara sugar flavour and vanilla and ginger spices. the tannic oak flavour remains long after drinking and is indicative of the premium quality of this rum and its maturity.

Appleton Extra 12yr, 70cl

Appleton rare 12 year rum brings together rums of ages between 12 and 18 offering one of the finest quality aged rums that jamaica has to offer. the age of this rum is apparent from the moment you open it, with a thick and rich nose packed full of buttery vanilla and nutty spice notes. it is rich and creamy on the palate with an oaky biscuit flavour. the oaky notes are the most prominent to the end.

Appleton Special, 70cl

Appleton special rum is a premium offering from the appleton estate which blends together hand-selected rums which is then aged in jack daniel’s tennessee whisky barrels. there’s a tropical twist to the nose of this rum which works beautifully with the other aromas of cinnamon and ginger. medium bodied and smooth on the palate, those spiced flavours from the nose are released into the mouth and are joined by rich buttery vanilla. a high quality rum which stands up to scrutiny.

Appleton VX, 70cl

15 individually distilled pot and column rums come together to give us appleton signature . medium-sweet in flavour with a smoothness on the palate, appleton vs is perfect on the rocks, is complemented by ginger beer and hasa true taste of the caribbean. brown sugar, light spices and dried currants and raisins are prominent on the palate and the flavour remains sweet and mellow from beginning to end.

Appleton White, 70cl

One of jamaica’s most recognisable brands, appleton’s white rum is up there with their finest dark varieties. a blend of rich pot and light column still rums come together to give appleton its unique taste and this also involves being fiLtrered through special charcoal fiLtrers. light-bodied and smooth in flavour there is a smoky depth to the character of appleton white which isn’t common amongst lighter rums. simply offering what you’d expect from a white rum combine it with your favourite tropical fruit juice.

Bacardi, 1.5ltr

Setting the standard in white rum, bacardi is known worldwide. in 1862 it became the world’s first premium aged white rum and using charcoal fiLtration was key to its original development. bacardi is a necessity for many world famous cocktails and without we’d not have the classic daiquiri, the mojito or the cuba libre. smooth and gentle on the palate it’s wonderful however you choose to mix it and offers a taste of cuba which can’t be compared.

Bacardi, 70cl

Setting the standard in white rum, bacardi is known worldwide. in 1862 it became the world’s first premium aged white rum and using charcoal fiLtration was key to its original development. bacardi is a necessity for many world famous cocktails and without we’d not have the classic daiquiri, the mojito or the cuba libre. smooth and gentle on the palate it’s wonderful however you choose to mix it and offers a taste of cuba which can’t be compared.

Bacardi Carta Fuego, 70cl

A warming spiced-rum-based-spirit-drink from bacardi, with a focus on the fiery notes of cinnamon. bacardi carta fuego ages in torched oak barrels for at least a year and is charcoal fiLtrered before bottling. it ought to spice up your cocktails and mixed drinks, that's for sure. the name, of course, comes from the spanish word for "fire".

Bacardi Carta Negra, 70cl

A selective set of 3-4 year old rums are brought together to create the exceptional flavour of bacardi black or bacardi select. charcoal fiLtration helps ensure a smoothness like no other and from first scent, you’ll know this is a keeper for your drinks cabinet. stewed fruit, lightly spiced cloves, caramel and coffee beans come through in the nose. many of these elements are also present in the flavour with additional creamy vanilla, dry banana flakes and mocha notes. an exceptional rum from the world’s favourite producer.

Bacardi Carta Oro, 70cl

A distinctive golden rum with a smooth taste and subtle mellow characteristics, this is ideal served long over ice with cola or fruit juices.

Bacardi Grand Reserve Blanca, 70cl

Bacardi grand reserve blanca.

Bacardi Limon, 70cl

A sweet rum-based drink which lets the citrus sing, bacardi limon offers more than just the lemon notes its name suggests. a wonderful spirit for mixing into cocktails or pepping up lemonade, its young age allows the bright notes to zing and jump out of each glass. the lemon notes are the strongest but they’re supported nicely by grapefruit and orange notes. the scent is stronger than the flavour but it’s a potent addition to your favourite soft drink/mixer/mixers.

Bacardi Oakheart, 70cl

Another string to the bacardi bow is oakheart and sweetly spiced spirit drink. it doesn’t have quite the abv to be classed as a regular rum but it has many of the characteristics a depth of flavour you’d expect. liquorice fudge, cinnamon and baked pastry all come through in the nose and many of the same notes are present in the flavour with additional vanilla, pepper and spiced elements. oak and coke is a class combination you’ll definitely want to try.

Bacardi Oakheart, 1.5ltr

Liquorice fudge, cinnamon and baked pastry all come through in the nose and many of the same notes are present in the flavour with additional vanilla, pepper and spiced elements. oak and coke is a class combination you’ll definitely want to try.

Bacardi Ocho Anos, 70cl

Bacardi is best known for their world famous white rum but here bacardi 8 year old is an intense, red-gold offering which is exceptional when added to spiced cocktails or enjoyed neat. the arom is awash with buttery caramel, orange marmalade and banana leaf notes which lead to a medium bodied flavour which allows sweet demerara sugar, apricots and gingerbread to take centre stage. butterscotch and vanilla notes linger throughout with just a touch of nutmeg spice finishing it off.

Bacardi Razz Rum, 70cl

Made with bacardi rum and natural raspberry flavours, and bottled at a lower strength of 32%, bacardi razz is a fun mixing product for parties.

Banks 5 Island, 70cl

Rums from around the caribbean have come together to create the distinct flavour of banks 5. the blend brings together the light spice of trinidadian rum with the complexity of jamaican rum and the flavours of barbadian rum guyanese rum and unique indonesian attack are combined into the mix too. five aged rums from around the caribbean offer up a deep and engaging flavour, rich with sugar cane, with deep bitter notes coming through as you sip.

Blackwells, 70cl

Blackwell black gold rum is a Jamaican classic that was actually created by the owner of island records. A traditional recipe, rich in tropical fruit, treacle and toffee, each shot of blackwell is one you’ll remember. Woody notes come through on tasting and add a slight bitterness to the tropical overtones. Charcoal too comes through, lingering until the end, and adding real character to this bright and exotic Jamaican rum.

Brugal Anejo 5yr, 70cl

Brugal anejo offers classic rum flavours and is one of the finest dominican rums on the market. fudge and overripe bananas are rife in the aroma and fresh woody tones come through too. the flavour is reminiscent of an indulgent crème brulee with dry toffee notes. black pepper spice adds a welcome kick and helps temper the sweetness and brings out the dry oak notes even further. a true dominican classic that deserves at least one try.

Brugal Especial Extra Dry, 70cl

The perfect white rum to pair with your favourite soft drink/mixer/mixer, brugal blanco is simply produced to make sure you cocktails have excellent balance. like a good white rum it’s crisp and clean offering bright refreshment and a wonderful accompaniment to an array of other cocktail ingredients. its light citrus character has a sweet vanilla aftertaste which combines wonderfully with a huge number of tropical fruit juices and other soft drink/mixer/mixers. the end note of this rum is light and mellow too.

Brugal Ron XV, 70cl

A blend of domincan rums come together to create the characteristic flavour of brugal extra viejo 8 year. the mix of rums are all aged for a minimum of three years and this delivers a sweet yet nutty aroma packed with banana, vanilla and chocolate notes. the buttery sweetness continues onto the palate but soon gives way to a spicier coffee-driven flavour, with black pepper and cinnamon providing that appreciated hit of hot spice. a rum that simply asks to be mixed into a coffee-flavoured cocktail.

Bumbu Spiced Rum, 70cl

Big banana and vanilla flavours with caramel in the back. Fair amount of sweetness. Aged up to 15 years

Captain Morgan, 70cl

Blended to perfection, captain morgan’s is a golden rum which has been enhanced by sweet and mellow spices. a drink that just cries out to be mixed with cola, captain morgan’s uses only premium caribbean rums to create its distinct flavour. the natural hues of the rum blend with specially selected spices to create the amber hues the drink is known for and a hint of oak smokiness can be tasted due to the rum’s maturation process.

Captain Morgan, 1.5ltr

Blended to perfection, captain morgan’s is a golden rum which has been enhanced by sweet and mellow spices. a drink that just cries out to be mixed with cola, captain morgan’s uses only premium caribbean rums to create its distinct flavour. the natural hues of the rum blend with specially selected spices to create the amber hues the drink is known for and a hint of oak smokiness can be tasted due to the rum’s maturation process.

Cargo Cult Spiced Rum, 70cl

Made by blending rums from papua, new guinea and fiji, with flavours of winter spices, fruitcake, ginger and citrus notes

Chairman’s Reserve, 70cl

A st. lucian rum with real character, chairman’s reserve is a classic golden rum that blends together both pot still and continuous still rums. fruity on the nose with just the right balance of sweetness it hits the palate with a zing and slowly fills the mouth with fruitiness, creamy depth and sweet spice which blends wonderfully with soft drink/mixer/mixers. the overall feel of this rum is creamy, medium-bodied and wonderful for mixing into cocktails and enjoying with your favourite sparkling soft drink/mixer/mixer.

Chairman's Reserve White Label, 70cl

A white rum which has benefitted from ageing in american bourbon rum barrels and then fiLtrated to deliver its crystal clear appearance, chairman’s reserve white label has a bright and inviting flavour. it’s easy to be deceived by the clearness of this rum, especially when you take a sip and enjoy the deep, bourbon notes within this clean white rum. vanilla and citrus marry together alongside these smoked bourbon notes to deliver a flavourful white rum.

Chairman's Spiced, 70cl

A spicy offering from chairman’s reserve, this rum is an award winner and one which is held in high esteem by rum fans worldwide. deep mahogany notes are the home to a complex bitter nose where bitter and sweet raisin are peppered with hits of nutmeg and cinnamon. on the palate you’ll enjoy a surprisingly smoothness which has an exotic characteristic that the combination of orange and spices offers. heady, and one you’ll definitely remember.

Cremorne Gentlemen Badges Sloe Gin, 70cl

Steeped in sloe berries, getleman badger's gin balances the sweet natural sugars with the berry tartness and finishes with a peppery note.

Creole Shrubb, 70cl

Clement creole shrubb is one of those drinks that you may not have heard of but once you try it, you won’t want to stop. a strong and rich rhum agricole, creole shrubb is a sweet flavoured almost herbal offering which brings together old and young rums. the sweet sugar cane base blends beautifully with fresh orange peel and notes of oak which come through in the maturation process. simple in its flavours but wonderfully sweet and perfectly drank neat, add clement shrubb to your drinks cabinet.

Deadhead 6yr, 70cl

Apples and pears come through along with some grassy notes of rhum agricole. developing hints of mint chocolate too. less fruit sweetness than the nose (though orchard fruits to persist subtly). more focus on cooking spices and runny caramel, as well as continued rhum agricole grassy notes. medium length, with oak warmth and a touch of lemon peel.

Dictador 12yr, 70cl

A colombian solera rum from well-known producers dictador, dictador 12 year rum is produced using a range of rums with ages from 8 to 14. demineralised water provides the necessary dilution for each batch of dictador. the nose is awash with roasted coffee notes, creamy caramel, fresh manuka honey and even hints at vanilla. the flavour too, is rich with manuka honey and allspice. these flavours are brought together with a roundness that ends on a saLtred caramel and warm toasted note. 

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, 70cl

An 80:20 blend of pot still to column still rums is used to deliver the quality taste of diplomatico reserva exclusiva. aged for up to 12 years this exclusive rum is a heady concoction with sandalwood and fresh leather aromas that lead to a deep and bitter flavour. the bitterness comes through in deep coffee notes but they are matched by sweet honey and plum flavours which add a lightness to this intense rum. 

Don Papa, 70cl

Distilled in small batches from sugar cane grown on the philippines island of negros and aged in american oak for 7 years. this is packed with vanilla flavours and a hint of spice.

Doorly's 3yr, 70cl

Bright and vibrant, the blue and yellow macaw on the label of doorly’s white rum is not the only vibrant thing about this white rum. a barbadian creation, it has an enjoyable tropical nose which is awash with notes of pineapple and grapefruit. on tasting you’ll enjoy strong notes of sweet coconut and fudge notes which have developed during the oak cask maturation process. it’s the coconut that sticks around long after finishing with a warming hit of pepper.

Doorly's Gold 5yr, 70cl

A brand who have been offering up exceptional rums since the 1920s, doorly’s take pride in each of their products and doorly’s gold is no exception. the scarlet macaw on the bottle is just a hint at the wildness within, with an intense mixture of sweet and bitter notes marrying together to deliver a smooth and dry flavour. apricot, orange zest and caramel are easily recognisable and light notes of passion fruit, coconut and white pepper play a secondary role.

Doorly's XO, 70cl

Recognisable from the blue hyacinth macaw on its bottle, doorly’s fine old barbados rum is an extra special creation. doorly’s xo is a sweet concoction of heady aromas and enticing flavours including notes of oloroso sherry thanks to the casks the spirit is matured in. oak spices are prevalent in the flavour and support the sweet vanilla and marzipan notes which deliver a tart spiciness which is enjoyable again and again. a lingering and enjoyable smokiness on the palate is again thanks to the oak maturation process.

Duppy Share Rum, 70cl

It's made from a blend of bourbon-barrel-matured 5 year old rum from barbados and 3 year old rum from jamaica.

El Dorado 12yr, 70cl

Twelve years work and dedication goes into the creation of el dorado 12 year rum and three different stills’ worth of spirit is used to guarantee a perfectly smooth and enjoyable drink. the length of maturation helps develop the fruit flavours within the rum, prunes, dates and toffee apple come through strongly with sherry treacle and cinnamon spice flavours also complimenting the flavour profile. the balance of this rum is delicate, leaning slightly towards the sweet but not without a welcome hit of spice.

El Dorado 15yr, 70cl

One of the world’s first known luxury rum blends, el dorado 15 year brings together spirits as old as 25 years to deliver an exceptionally flavoured end product. heady festive aromas are released as you open the bottle, sherry trifle, rich fruitcake and candied citrus fruits invite you to take sip. on drinking you’ll enjoy warm chocolate caramel notes and espresso coffee with that vanilla sweetness that you’d expect from a quality rum.

El Dorado 21yr, 70cl

El dorado 21 years uses that 21 year period as a minimum benchmark and the blend is in fact made up of blends as old as 25 years and the maturity of this rum is apparent from simply opening the bottle. the aroma is filled with sweet scents reminiscent of an old fashioned sweet shop, with boiled sweets coming through strong on the palate too. the finish brings in some of the more intense notes including fresh tobacco, spiced chocolate and together they create a rum which is ideal for after dinner sips.

El Dorado 5yr, 70cl

A bright and breezy guyana rum, young at just 5 years old, el dorado 5 year is one of the youngest offering from this producer. creamy butterscotch is the leading scent when you open the bottle and it’s soon partnered with bright notes of tropical fruit and a hint of mint oil. this oily element is apparent on the palate, helping to deliver a light bodied rum which is rich in tropical flavours including fresh coconut. 

El Dorado 8yr, 70cl

One of the younger offerings from el dorado, this blend made of rums of a minimum of 8 years old is sweetly spicy and thick with molasses and toffee flavours. there’s a festive feel to this rum, with christmas cake spices working together to create a strong and enjoyable flavour. honeyed vanilla, toffee and butterscotch are rich on the palate with syrupy orange marmalade coming through too, creating a rich and enjoyable rum which is perfect when enjoyed neat or with soft drink/mixer/mixers.

El Dorado Vintage 3yr, 70cl

With a couple of awards under its beLtr el dorado 3 year rum is a fine example of a mixing rum which a crispness that lends itself to sharp citrus cocktails and even exotic punches. coconut is ever-present from first opening and hints of sugary sweet icing sugar are also apparent in the nose. on drinking el dorado is surprisingly dry with notes of intense brown sugar, a nutty edge and of course that coconut coming through strongly. the end note blends vanilla with the coconut for a fresh finish.

Elements 8 Platinum 4yr, 70cl

Matured in genuine buffalo trace bourbon barrels and blended from 10 individual rums, Elements 8 Platinum is exceptionally crafted and its flavour is testament to this. Naturally fiLtrered rainforest water is combined with the chosen rums to deliver a light bodied yet complex character. Bright, pungent raisins are a prominent flavour leading to a soft, mellow finish. A premium rum which loves to be teamed simply with ice or dashed into your favourite long drink.

Elements 8 Spiced, 70cl

Only launched in 2010, elements 8 spiced rum is a fantastic addition to the other spiced offerings on the market. top quality dark rum is enhanced with warm caribbean spice as well as steeped fruit and sweet honey. bourbon barrel aging delivers a smoky depth to the flavour and it’s the spicy notes, specifically cinnamon, clove, ginger and star anise which come out strongest. fruity coconut pairs perfectly with the honey and ensures a rounded end.

English Harbour 5yr, 70cl

Antigua’s finest, English harbour rum spends a minimum of five years in aged bourbon barrels, delivering a touch of whisky spirit to each sip. Vanilla custard and cinnamon spice are the first scents that hit you and the flavour is deep with fudge and golden syrup, with the consistency of cinnamon carrying through. Different blends are brought together to deliver the end resuLtr, English harbour rum which brings cinnamon to the centre stage and works wonderfully with your favourite ginger ale.

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