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Antica Black Sambuca, 70cl

A classic twist on antica's classic sambuca - the same chinese star anise flavoured spirit further infused with calabrian liquorice for a rich and sweet spirit.

Antica Sambuca, 70cl

A fantastic and rightly popular Italian made sambuca - sticky, sweet and packed full of flavour derived from pungent chinese star anise.

Carcelli Sambuca, 70cl

A simple, intense italian anise flavoured liqueur, often enjoyed with coffee beans - or even served after a good-quality coffee.

Luxardo Passione Nera, 70cl

Luxardo passione nera is one of the world’s most popular black sambuca liqueurs. black spirits are more popular than ever before and they certainly get people talking and this one is no different. luxardo passione nera is aromatised with liquorice and maintains the sharp anise flavour of regular sambuca, familiar to fans of the classic drink. the main taste is that of star anise with coriander and a little cardamom coming through, creating an herbal delight within those inky black hues.

Luxardo Sambuca Raspberry, 70cl

The bubble gum pink hues of luxardo sambuca raspberry bursts with plump, fresh flavours and the sharp tang that the raspberry is known for. the nose is steeped in the smell of fresh raspberries as well as lighter notes of aniseed and this carries through into a flavour which is brightly raspberry flavoured with the anise fading into the background. aniseed and raspberry are simply perfect partners and this sambuca is one way to enjoy them combined.

Luxardo Sambuca     , 70cl

Sweet and strong in equal measures, luxardo sambuca is a celebration of the anise plant and its vibrant, familiar flavour. totally clear but completely filled to the brim with flavour as you open your bottle you’ll enjoy the aromatic intensity that sambuca is known for. the flavour begins sharply but soon balances out and delivers a rounded and warming kick, that anise flavour remaining strong throughout. dilute with water to drink traditionally or try it as a shot or with a soft drink/mixer/mixer.

Molinari Coffee, 70cl

A selection of quality coffees and premium sambuca molinari are blended together to create coffee Molinari. On opening you can enjoy the rich perfumed scent of arabic coffee and anise also comes through, inviting you to take that first sip. The coffee flavours blend magically with the sweet, sharp sambuca to create a flavour which is balanced yet intense at the same time. The two strong flavours turn out to be perfect partners and work in tandem to deliver a taste sensation.

Molinari Extra White, 70cl

First produced in 1945, Molinari Extra White is one of Italy’s most famous and most celebrated liqueurs, full-bodied, rich and delightfully sharp on the palate. The best-selling liqueur in the whole of Italy and one of the world’s favourite sambucas, Molinari Extra White is intensely flavoured with anise and with each sip you can truly taste the quality and craftsmanship in the drink’s production. Enjoy a great show when it’s set aflame.

Romana Sambuca  , 70cl

One of the more famous sambucas, romana's blue label is instantly recognisable to anyone who's been a student in the last fifteen years.

Sambuca Ramazotti, 70cl

Sambuca ramazzotti is the original italian sweet and strong liqueur appreciated all over the world for its unique taste. the strength of the alcohol balances the sweetness of the sugar, giving sambuca ramazzotti its characteristic powerful and fresh taste.

Tosolini Sambuca, 70cl

The tosolini sambuca is made using only the purest ingredients in order to preserve all flavours and aromas. this sambuca can be served neat, as “ammazza caffe’” or just as refreshment, with ice and optionally adding 3 coffee beans “con la mosca” (with the fly) .

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