Krug Grande Cuvée Rosé NV

Krug rosé750ml is the only prestige champagne rosé blended from a rich palette of wines from three grape varieties from some different years, combined with a very expressive skin-fermented pinot noir wine, which provides unparalleled colour, wild fruit and spiciness. a stay of at least five years in the cellars offers krug rosé its very subtle bubbles, long ending and impressive elegance. krug rosé is the first prestige rosé champagne to be re-created every year. it is a reinvented rosé universe by krug based on elegance and sensuality while having an overwhelming capacity to pairing with tasty food. krug rosé, like all krug champagnes, can age beautifully.
Style Champagne
Sub-style Rosé Non-Vintage Champagne
Bottle Size 75cl
ABV 12.5%
Country France