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Merlet Crème de Fraise, 70cl

Premium strawberry fruit liqueur.

Merlet Crème de Framboise, 70cl

By selecting and using only the best of ingredients, the real natural aroma of the fruits is preserved in this 'crème de framboise' so as the authentic real colour of the raspberry crème de framboise, so as the other 'crèmes' were conceived and manufactured in small quantities in order to guarantee a perfect restitution of the sunny, mature fruit of finest quality.

Merlet Crème de Mure, 70cl

A nice and sweet unctuousness in the mouth. No artificial aromas, no colours. Nice taste, large sweetness, natural and distinct.

Merlet Crème de Peche, 70cl

Wild peaches are small and grow in the middle of the vineyards in the area around cognac. Their taste is strong and concentrated. This gives the crème de peche de vigne all its flavour and specific fresh and sunny taste.

Merlet Poire William, 70cl

The 'crème de poire williams' has a beautiful golden colour identical to the pear's golden colour obtained in the sun just before the fruit is picked, perfectly ripe.

Merlet Triple Sec, 70cl

Bright honeyed orange zest and pepper aromas with a soft, oily fruity sweet full body then an orange and custard finish.

Midori Melon    , 70cl

Midori is one of the world’s most popular melon liqueurs and it’s easy to see why, it has a light and bright flavour, fresh and fragrant and lets its star ingredient, the sweet, fresh melon take centre stage. it’s a wonderful addition to any number of cocktails or simply sipped with lemonade. its green hues attract attention and it can add that exotic kick your favourite long drink was looking for.

Mozart Strawberry, 50cl

Generous strawberry and vanilla in a rich creamy liqueur

Pama Pomegranate, 70cl

Pama pomegranate is a deep crimson red liqueur which takes the sweet and distinctive flavour of pomegranate as its core. Made from all natural pomegranates from California, Pama pomegranate is a natural companion to many other drinks including champagne and your finest sparkling wines, its tartness blending beautifully. The true beauty of Pama pomegranate genuinely is how well it mixes, whether that’s with a soft drink/mixer or into a cocktail.

Passoa, 70cl

Passoa is an exotic liqueur which shows off the exuberance and vibrancy of the passion fruit. it’s popular all over the world with puerto rico rating it as its number one liqueur. its aroma is fresh and fragrant, passion fruit comes through but also boiled sweets and zesty grapefruit. on tasting you’ll enjoy a light syrup mouthfeel and passion fruit at the forefront with cooked grapefruit and a little cherry coming through too. truly exotic and wonderful on ice.

Pisang Ambon    , 70cl

Pisang ambon is the original banana liqueur and a product the dutch are rightfully proud of. the banana flavour is magnificent and stands out amongst herbal companions and hints of other herbal fruit. striking green in colour and presented in the same way since its creation over 60 years ago, pisang ambon is regularly enjoyed with orange juice or sparkling melon and lime. exotic and uLtrimately versatile, a fruity concoction that’s definitely worth a try.

Pococello Limoncello, 50cl

The liquid has a more complex flavour and pleasant mouth feel than standard versions which use a neutral alcoholic base. in addition, less sugar is used in the production. this means pococello tastes drier and zestier than other limoncellos

Prucia Plum Liqueur, 70cl

Prucia plum liqueur is a french creation which uses locally produced ume plums, a native of japan. the plums are macerated in grape spirit and then aged in french oak barrels, delivering a flavour which is rich in juicy plum flavours but also almonds and sweet marzipan. a surprisingly sweet yet definitely moreish liqueur which has some similarities to cointreau and amaretto but others which make it unique and distinctive in its own right. enjoy alongside a chinese or japanese meal or alongside any sweet dessert.

Seedlip Garden 108, 70cl

Well crafted alcohol free gin

Seedlip Spice 94, 70cl

Well crafted alcohol free gin

Sipsmith Summer Cup, 70cl

If it could speak, sipsmith summer cup would roar like an english lion as it embodies all the features of a classic english summer drink. combining sipsmith’s own london dry gin with a blend of summer-inspired botanicals, sipsmith summer cup is an exceptionally fruity and fragrant drink which can be enjoyed alone or with soft drink/mixer/mixers. infusions of earl grey tea, lemon verbena and cucumber can all be tasted and it’s a drink combination which brings to mind garden parties and summery picnics.

Solerno Blood Orange, 70cl

The flavour of the blood orange is distinctive, rich and different from your regular fruit and solerno deliver the full impact of its flavour in this warm and juicy liqueur. Solerno blood orange liqueur is bursting with the full flavour of the blood orange from its skin to its pulp and it also has bright notes of lemon, orange blossom and even red berries, intensifying the sweet and sour balance. A dry finish means you’re drawn back in for more.

Tuaca, 70cl

Based on a recipe that dates back to the 15th century, tuaca is a brandy-based liqueur which brings together a number of brandies, a secret blend of fruits and spices and just a little sugar to blend it all together in harmony. on the nose is a spicy citrus tang which entices you to drink and when you do you’ll enjoy a surprisingly light and oily mouthfeel, sweet with a little dry spiciness and cinnamon, nutmeg and bitter orange leading the taste profile. it settles into a mellower, sweeter warmth, just the ticket after a filling meal.

Xante Pear Liqueur, 50cl

Xante is an unusual liqueur, the ingredients and even a full description of the flavour of which are kept under wraps by its makers. a truly mysterious liqueur with hints of pear as well as liquorice and intense cognac notes. the ripeness of the pears is apparent from the first sip and this combines beautifully with the fine cognac notes and delivers a flavour which is enjoyably sweet but with that refreshing pear tang present throughout.

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