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Aqua Riva Reposado, 70cl

Aqua riva reposado tequila is intended to be a bar tequila, specifically for cocktails. It is produced from 100% blue weber agave. On the palate, there are hints of caramel biscuits and delicate ripe fruit.

Arette Anejo, 70cl

Maturing in white oak barrels for up to 18 months gives Arette Anejo its recognisable flavour. Luminously golden, each glass of Arette Anejo is steeped in sweetness and smoothness which makes it enjoyable whether you mix it or enjoy it neat. Aromatic and awash with the wonderful sweetness of 100% blue agave, Arette Anejo has pepperiness which keeps you sipping and deliciously light vanilla notes tempting you to have just one more glass.

Arette Blanco, 70cl

Arette Blanco is a premium silver tequila, launched in 2007 and highly thought of on the drinks scene. Bottled on site in jalisco and made of 100% agave, arette blanco is an exceptional silver tequila full of fresh flavours, spicy hints and a cheeky character in which you can pick out each single flavour note. Great body and wonderful for sipping or mixing into a wide range of different cocktails and long drinks.

Arette Reposado, 70cl

A top-quality 100% agave tequila, Arette has become a firm favourite of UK bartenders and connoisseurs since its introduction in 2007. This is a fantastic reposado, deliciously smooth.

BruXO No1 Mezcal, 70cl

Mezcal from master mezcalier lucio morales lopez

Cabeza, 70cl

Cabeza blanco tequila is made by the fifth generation of the vivanco family. distilled in the cooler winter months, this is a fruitier style of tequila.

Casamigos Blanco, 70cl

The process is slow, with the agave roasted for 10 times the average and fermented for twice as long. the silver is rested for two months after distillation and is an excellent example of the category.

Casco Viejo Blanco 100 Agave, 70cl

Casco viejo blanco comes from a popular family owned company founded in 1938. with many years practice and expertise behind them, the creators of casco viejo blanco have encapsulated the depth of flavour that agave offers and pepped it up with some additional notes. classic in flavour, pepper comes through strong with fruity and herbal notes underlying. perfect for mixing, sipping or even the occasional slam, this is the drink for you.

Casco Viejo Reposado 100 Agave, 70cl

Casco viejo reposado tequila is a genuine jalisco tequila, produced by a family owned company founded all the way back in 1938. as the 4th largest tequila distillery in mexico the quality of the product is exceptional, with many professionals involved in its production and it’s that classic strong agave flavour that comes though clearest, with warm spicy notes of black pepper coming through at the end. refreshing and enjoyable however you drink you tequila.

Cazcabel Blanco, 70cl

Cazcabel blanco is a silver tequila which retains a real, deep earthy flavour. it’s the spicy notes that come through first, its aroma awash with spicy, a little citrus and of course sweet, enticing agave. on tasting you’ll enjoy a simple flavour profile which allows the earthiness of the agave to take centre stage with the citrus and pepper notes. the aftertaste is crisp yet dry and wonderful for sipping or mixing.

Cazcabel Coffee Tequila, 70cl

Cazcabel coffee tequila benefits from the wonderful refreshing flavour of cazcabel blanco tequila and sweet coffee. luxurious roasted coffee is sweet in the mouth and wonderful when teamed with the refreshing tequila which is rich in both cooked agave and vanilla notes. vanilla and coffee pair wonderfully together with the richness of the agave adding another dimension. pour it over ice or into an innovative cocktail, a must for any lovers of coffee.

Cazcabel Honey, 70cl

Cazcabel honey liqueur is an exceptional blend of high quality cazcabel blanco tequila and the sweet, natural flavour of honey. nature’s finest nectar is combined with fine tequila to create a silky smooth and endlessly drinkable liqueur. earthy notes combine with the warm honey to deliver deep honey tones which work wonderfully with the cooked agave. caramel thickness comes through adding syrupy depth and a complexity to the drink which makes it a wonderfully enjoyable liqueur.

Don Fulano Blanco, 70cl

Don fulano tequilas are stylish, contemporary in design and more than deserving of a spot in your drinks cabinet. fruitful in style and character, this is a light and elegant tequila which hides many wonderful flavours in its crystal clear appearance. cooked agave is fully released with notes of creamy butterscotch and sharp, bitter olives. the spicing is balanced against fresh citrus and the creamy notes, ensuring an elegant and wonderfully crafted silver tequila.

Don Julio 1942, 70cl

Don julio anejo 1942 spends up to two and half year ageing, nearly enough to be classed as extra anejo. It’s stilled in a single pot still and has the wonderful spiced aromas of cinnamon, sweet agave, vanilla and interesting turkish delight. The taste is deep with cinder toffee notes, the continual flavour of the agave and bursts of sweet, zesty citrus. Dry and nutty the finish is long with notes of smoke.

Don Julio Anejo, 70cl

Don julio anejo is another exceptional offering from the recognisable tequila distillery. this product spends up to 2 years in former bourbon casks, giving it a deep golden appearance. the flavour is rich with zest, both grapefruit and lime coming through strongly in the nose with lighter hints of marzipan and tea. the flavour is candy sweet with a honey-like viscosity and a reappearance of those tea flavours, now paired with that classic tequila flavour of charred vegetables. tannins with a tea-like edge end the drink in memorable style.

Don Julio Blanco, 70cl

Don julio is a 100% agave blanco tequila. it’s very young, as young as they come in fact, with no ageing at all, just a short period of resting before being popped into the bottle. the round, squat bottle stands out from the crowd and once you taste it you’ll realise even a century’s ageing couldn’t improve the flavour of this tequila. peppery yet earthy on the nose, don julio blanco is a clean tasting tequila with a delicate herbal flavour, faint hints of stewed vegetables and citrus coming through at the end.

Don Julio Reposado, 70cl

Don julio reposado tequila is a 100% agave offering which spends eight months maturing in bourbon casks. it has a depth of flavour which is largely down to this maturation process and both almond and coconut notes come through alongside subtle spice and creamy vanilla in the nose. on tasting you’ll enjoy a biscuity depth with notes of sweet orchard fruits, cinnamon and white pepper which hangs around until the end.

El Jimador Blanco, 70cl

Bottled straight from distillation, el jimador is a crystal clear blanco tequila and named for the skilled men who select and harvest the agave that gives it its flavour. first introduced in 1994, el jimador blanco is a sweet vegetal smelling tequila which also offers up notes of fresh balsa wood. these aromas merge into flavours of pine freshness, sweet agave and notes of citrus. the peppery heat comes through in the finish and reminds you it’s a genuine mexican tequila you’re drinking.

El Jimador Reposado, 70cl

El jimador reposado is made from mature blue agave and spends two months resting in american oak barrels. golden hues escape from the bottle thanks to this process and the flavour mellow yet rich with toasted agave at the forefront. almond, vanilla and baking spices create an aroma to draw you in and then they also prop up the agave flavour with additional sweetness. smokiness comes through at the end and is a welcome addition to the sweetness.

Espolon Blanco, 70cl

Espolon tequila is a brand created by cirilo oropeza, an experienced master distiller, with over 50 years of experience of distilling tequila under his beLtr. his blanco has notes of pineapple, vanilla and pepper.

Espolon Reposado, 70cl

Espolon tequila is a brand created by master distiller cirilo oropeza. his reposado is aged in american oak barrels for six months and has notes of tropical fruit, vanilla and brown spices.

Fortaleza Anejo Tequila, 70cl

The fortaleza range is an top-quality range of tequilas. the añejo is aged for 18 months in american oak, resuLtring in an unrivalled richness and notes of butterscotch, toffee, citrus and hazelnuts.

Fortaleza Blanco Tequila, 70cl

Fortaleza blanco is made by the fifth generation of the sauza family. made using traditional methods, this is exceptional with notes of black pepper, earth and butter.

Fortaleza Reposado Tequila, 70cl

Fortaleza tequila is hand-made from stone-crushed agave by guillermo sauza, a fifth generation sauza family-member. the reposado is a perfect balance of vegetal notes from fresh agave and vanilla wood from its resting in bourbon barrels.

Gran Centenario Anejo, 70cl

Gran centenario anejo spends 18 months maturing in american oak barrels and despite a light flavour you’ll definitely be able to pick out those toasty wood notes. wonderfully enjoyed over ice or as a shooter, gran centenario anejo allows the taste of cooked agave to take centre stage. an earthy depth and cinnamon spice add to the character of this tequila and the flavour builds to a hot, spicy end which is intensely satisfying.

Gran Centenario Plata, 70cl

It’s a 10 year ageing process which ensures gran centenario plata is a silver tequila with depth and standout characteristics which make it memorable. it’s the ageing which gives this tequila a stand out oakiness to its character, enjoyable and different. it’s slightly viscous on the palate but enjoyable so and has just a small hint of welcome peppery spice. perfectly paired with herbal liqueurs and delicate cocktails. smoother than your average silver tequila.

Gran Centenario Reposado, 70cl

Gran centenario reposado is one of a range of classic and enjoyable tequilas from the top distillery. sweet and floral on the nose with a little spice, the agave comes through in the flavour with warming hints of caramel and cinnamon. it’s classic in its flavour and any fan of tequila will enjoy mixing, sipping or slamming gran centenario reposado. spice lingers on after you’ve finished drinking, making this a particularly memorable tequila.

Herradura Anejo, 70cl

This 100% agave herradura anejo is one of the first and most popular anejo tequilas that mexico has to offer. 24-25 months of ageing ensure the depth of colour and adds a hint of oak to the flavour. the nose is typical of a quality tequila, rich in stewed vegetables, leather and vanilla. the spice comes through in the flavour which is wonderfully balanced, allowing the vanilla and oak to marry with cinnamon spice and light notes of black pepper.

Herradura Blanco, 70cl

Herradura blanco is a smooth silver tequila, aged for just 45 days and offering up a welcome cleanliness on the palate. the ageing means that there’s a hint of oak in the flavour but its key note are refreshing agave which is enhanced by tangy citrus. the strength of the agave flavour makes this a fantastic choice for your next margarita and the light heat underlying the key flavours is a wonderful reminder of the quality of this tequila.

Herradura Reposado, 70cl

Herradura reposado was launched in 1974 and the recipe has stayed the same ever since. one of the world’s first commercial reposado tequilas, the flavour benefits from 11 months ageing in oak casks. the aroma has an enticing note of cider, sweet apples, vanilla and cinnamon. this heady concoction is buiLtr upon as you sip with full bodied caramel, chocolate, nutty almonds and black pepper coming through. it’s the nutty notes that linger until the end.

Herradura Suprema, 70cl

Believed to be one of the first extra anejo tequilas invented herradura suprema spends 49 month maturing in american oak casks. this gives it notably different flavours and characteristics when compared to other anejos. a mellow vanilla floods the nose and has other sweet notes including chocolate, honeyed apple and hot cinnamon spice. the flavour is rich in vanilla too with the apple notes remaining and toffee coming through, leading to a long bitter finish.

Ilegal Anejo, 50cl

Ilegal anejo spends time in both French and American oak casks, delivering a unique flavour profile which you’ll definitely enjoy. A truly premium tequila, maple, clove and bittersweet orange come through in the aroma and lead to roasted sweet agave and chocolate on the palate. Very rounded, full-bodied and rich for a tequila, this is one you will want to sip and savour.

Ilegal Joven, 50cl

Produced in oaxaca, ilegal joven is a young mezcal which has the distinctive flavour of roasted agave and earthy tones which help it stand out from the crowd. Its aromas are fresh and youthful, with fresh flowers, peppermint and tobacco notes all coming through. It has a complex herbal character which is softened by caramel and raisin flavours and spiced up with black pepper heat. It ends with the floral notes at the forefront.

Ilegal Reposado, 50cl

Ilegal reposado is a 100% agave mezcal-style tequila which has the rich, sweet flavour of roasted agave. The aroma is thick with smoke and woody notes, peppered with notes of chilli and a flavour which is massively hot and spicy yet somehow creamy in the mouth. Buttery notes meld with vegetal sweetness to offer a combination you wouldn’t expect to work, but it does! That smoky flavour never fades and enhances every other flavour.

Jose Cuervo Agavero, 70cl

Jose cuervo agavero is an exceptional tequila flavoured liqueur, displayed in an unusual, memorable bottle. blue agave reposado and anejo tequilas are blended together with essence of damian flower to create a flavour you won’t forget. herbal and vegetal aromas are the most prominent with light woody notes, lime zest and even asparagus come through. the flavour is sweet and mellow as you first sip but it begins to heat up, with those familiar herbal notes coming through.

Jose Cuervo Anejo 1800, 70cl

Jose cuervo anejo 1800 is an exceptional offering for one of our favourite tequila distilleries. aged for over a year and selective french oak casks, each bottle of this tequila has been prepared to perfection. the aroma is rich in roasted coconut, toffee and a woody floral depth. this leads into a flavour which is equally woody, with the spice coming through in the form of cracked black pepper. the end note is dry yet immensely satisfying, wonderful for sipping at leisure.

Jose Cuervo Coconut 1800, 75cl

A response to the flooded market of flavoured rums and vodkas by 1800, replacing the base spirit with what they know best - tequila. this mix of light agave spirit and coconut water avoids the artificial flavours of many coconut liqueurs and is fully of zesty tequila punch.

Jose Cuervo Gold, 70cl

The classic golden tequila, jose cuervo gold has a distinctive flavour that stands out against the crowd. smooth and mellow compared to other tequilas, it benefits from a maturation process which involves time resting in oak casks. blending both young and aged tequilas together ensures you have an ingredient that just begs to be added to your next margarita or dashed over the rocks for an enjoyable, thirst quenching drink.

Jose Cuervo Reposado 1800, 70cl

Jose cuervo reposado 1800 is a further edition to the 1800 series of tequilas from jose cuervo. Rested for just six months in American and French oak casks, this tequila is a bittersweet, light offering which is exceptionally easy to drink. light coconut and vanilla flavours come through in the nose with spicy pepper and cinnamon coming through too. The taste begins sweetly, with butterscotch taking centre stage but then leading into familiar notes of vanilla and charred vegetables. 

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, 70cl

Year after year reserva de famalia has kept its promise to promote young mexican artists. the box is now a tradition to proudly exhibit their work, bearing their style, showing through form and colour the art of tequila.

Jose Cuervo Reserva Family Blanco, 70cl

One of the newer offerings from the famous jose cuervo range, jose cuervo reserva da le familia blanco is an exceptional new silver tequila. limited edition, hand signed, hand dipped and corked, each bottle of reserva blanco is highly sought after and it’s easy to see why. the strength of quality agave comes through in the nose, closely followed by charred vegetables and hints at linseed oil. the flavour keeps the vegetable notes alive but teams them with fresh pear and of course the sweetness of agave. pepper only comes through towards the end but it strong and satisfying.

Jose Cuervo Silver 1800, 70cl

Jose cuervo blanco 1800 is a 100% agave tequila which rests in ex-american whisky casks and benefits from the depths of both the oak and the whiskey flavours coming through. Chargrilled vegetables and celery notes come through in the nose which then leads into a flavour which allows the agave to take centre stage. Light and delicate, the agave is surrounded by the smokiness of the vegetable flavours and a light peppering of spice. Herbaceous and rounded to the final sip.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional, 50cl

The clear, light golden hues of jose cuervo tradicional reposado are home to a wonderful array of flavours that never disappoint. a limited edition tequila, tradicional intriguingly opens with a nose full of smoky notes, vegetal sweetness and banana. the flavour too carries through that smokiness and a woody depth also comes through, with nutmeg, cinnamon and delicate hints of ginger. it’s an earthy mellow offering from jose cuervo which is just begging to be sipped.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Gold, 70cl

Jose cuervo's tradicional reposado uses only 100% blue weber agave made with the same traditional methods jose cuervo used when he first began producing tequila in 1795. carefully fermented and double distilled, the tequila is rested in white oak barrels - crafting its signature golden hue and aged flavour.

Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver, 70cl

The clear, light golden hues of jose cuervo tradicional reposado are home to a wonderful array of flavours that never disappoint. a limited edition tequila, tradicional intriguingly opens with a nose full of smoky notes, vegetal sweetness and banana. the flavour too carries through that smokiness and a woody depth also comes through, with nutmeg, cinnamon and delicate hints of ginger. it’s an earthy mellow offering from jose cuervo which is just begging to be sipped.

Jose Cuervo White Classico, 70cl

The world's bestselling tequila brand, cuervo silver is an ideal white tequila for shooters or cocktails.

La Chica Gold (House), 70cl

A lovely gold tequila from la chica, made for cocktails, and itching to be shaken up into a tasty margarita!

La Penca Mezcal, 70cl

A young mezcal-style tequila which comes complete with worm in a hand blown bottle, La Penca is a fine example of quality. It is distilled from salmiana, a specific type of agave and then aged in white oak barrels, helping to create a deeper, more memorable flavour. The maturation process of La Penca helps bring out caramelised flavours and the smokiness you expect from a quality mezcal. Sip it or mix it into a really moreish sours cocktail.

Mezcal Jaral de Berrio, 70cl

As you’d expect from a quality mezcal, jaral de berrio uses agave salmiana to create a sweet yet sharp flavour. jaral de berrio has vegetal undertones which pair with the recognisable flavour of roasted agave and woody pine. its long finish brings in notes of caramel and hits of black pepper, inviting you to take another sip. traditionally produced with a complex and enjoyable character, it’s up to you whether you slam this tequila or add it to your favourite cocktail.

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